Hisui: Spring Anime 2015 Expert

hisui_icon_4040 Since we have started doing the SWAT reviews Kate and I have watched a good deal of new anime. It means we get to see hidden gems as often as we get hit with some nasty surprises every season. It also means we can make guest appearances on podcasts talking about the new season. This time I was on the Spiraken Anime Corner (a spin-off of the Spiraken Manga Review) talking about the new and returning shows in the spring season. My only regret is I did not really talk more about Go! Princess PreCure. It is a great show that has really been pulling on a rich legacy of shojo anime and needs a bit more attention from the older fandom that would appreciate the references in the series. It is still great as a kids cartoon but that extra dimension is mostly going ignored.

See which series I recommend, which series you should avoid, and what should you think about watching despite the fact they might not seem up your alley.

Spiraken Anime Corner Ep 02:
Spring Anime 2015


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