AnimeNEXT 2015: The Convention for Lowlifes Who Will Never Amount to Anything


(note: No Type-Moon Weekly News Round Up or All Points Bulletin this week)

13  years of AnimeNext have taken the convention from a humble little affair in the Crowne Plaza Meadowlands to one of the biggest anime convention on the East coast. There is rarely a year without a wonderful lineup of Japanese guests. This time being no exception with the likes of FLOW and Studio Trigger in the house.

Also as fans of their panel selection they have more than enough for us to do all weekend. In fact, we will be participating in five panels this year. Join us this weekend in Somerset, New Jersey!

We got panels, be sure to attend!

Fri. 12:30PM – Penguindrum: The Panel for Lowlifes 
Who Will Never Amount to Anything

Fri. 2:15PM – Precure Party 
(with Carl from Ogiue Maniax)

Fri. 9:45PM – Grand Glorious Gathering of Gundam Gals

Sat. 10:00AM – New Anime for Older Fans

Sun. 11:15AM – Giant Robot Romance: 
Boy Meets Girl Meets Mecha (with Carl from Ogiue Maniax)


Pre-AnimeNEXT 2015 Podcast


Our tentative schedule for the convention:

10:00 AM – Know your Creators (And Directors)
11:15 AM – Symbolic Shorthand: An Introduction to the
Importance of Folktales
03:15PM – Fight Like a Girl: How Magical Girls Weaponized Femininity
04:15 PM – Poetry in Anime: The Power of Words in a Visual Medium
05:45 PM – Even More Awesome Animation Not from Japan
07:15PM – Beginnings of Boys Love
07:30 PM – JoJo’s Bizarre Fan Panel
08:00PM – FLOW Concert
08:45PM – Unsung Heroes: The Greatest Anime & Manga Artists You’ve Never Heard Of
10:45 PM – The Heart of When They Cry (18+)
12:15 AM – In the End Robots Will Fight: The Works of Masami
Obari (18+)

11:45 AM – Back In My Day- Conventions and Cosplay Before 2010
12:45PM – Great Anime We (Unknowingly) Actually Got
01:30PM – Big Bads: A Look at the Mythical Adversary
02:30 PM – Women in Anime
02:45PM – Sacred Symbols/Giant Robots: Symbolism and Symbolic Action in Mecha
06:00 PM – Aria of the Soul – Persona, the Self, and Mythology
09:00PM – Kill la Kill, Inferno Cop, and [REDACTED] with TRIGGER
11:15 PM – Bad Anime, Bad!!

10:00 AM – Great Anime We’ll (Probably) Never Get Mk II
01:45 PM – Totally Subversive Toons

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