AnimeNEXT 2015: FLOW Concert

narutaki_icon_4040 The FLOW concert was a major reason I was excited for AnimeNEXT this year. Of course, I’ve come to expect some amazing musical guests from this con for years now.

Best known for their poppy rock dual vocals on series like Eureka Seven, FLOW has had a long career in and outside anime. Their catalog includes Naruto and Code Geass among others.

The energy of the crowd was great; thanks in no small part I’d say to the concert being standing room only except in the very back. Despite that, the fans seemed much better behaved than last year (no drunken moshing).

Even standing way out as I was, I had a decent view of the band and the two big screens filled in the rest. I also remembered my earplugs this year which made the entire set much more comfortable.

They began the show by playing Naruto’s Sign with a catchy chorus which seemed to put everyone in the right mood.

The two front men of FLOW, Kohshi and Keigo, traded off duties of bantering with the crowd. Keigo was non-stop energy  leading the crowd in clapping, jumping, and even an impromptu wave. But a clear crowd favorite for the night was lead guitarist Take who goofed around in a LED lit hoodie and pair of sunglasses.

The crowd really lit up when COLORS, the first Code Geass opening, began. This surprised me a bit honestly, since I feel like a lot of people have turned their backs on the series. I was glad no one was holding that against a good song though since it is one of my favorites, too.

A well placed come down song Ryuusei, ended up being one of my favorites, as I felt and saw this great connection between the crowd and FLOW during the performance.

It was lovely to hear Eureka Seven songs like Days and Brave Blue live. It served as a reminder of how FLOW’s sound really fit the series.

Some songs, like Red Hot Riot, came off a little too harsh on the guitar side live which ended up drowning out the vocals.

A few surprises were on the playlist as well, like covering CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA and the Attack on Titan OP.

FLOW was one of the best concerts I’ve seen at AnimeNEXT. They were into it, the crowd was into it, and I think everyone walked away with a memorable experience.

~ kate

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