Secret Santa 2015 Project Reveal

hisui_icon_4040 This year we tried something a little different. We have been doing Anime Secret Santa for long enough that we have the basics down to a science. The real trick at this point is minimizing all the little problems that pop up every year. If the Anime Secret Santa were a marathon, we are in shape enough to finish without breaking a sweat. At this point were trying to get our time down. In that regard, we made two major changes that I think helped a lot.

The first was we broke the list into two groups. Usually we put all the participants names into a hat, and then would pull out names one by one to create the Secret Santa List only throwing names back into the hat if we pulled two people on the same blog one after the other. The main problem with the approach is sometimes a fan would maybe only watched a handful of titles would get someone who has been watching shows non stop for over a decade. This year we placed all the normal fans in one group and all the insane monsters in another. I think this greatly reduced the number of people who were completely lost on what to recommend other people. No more forcing bantamweights to take on heavyweights.

The second change was take have everyone give us two back up titles. It is guaranteed that several people will get recommendations have already seen either because their Secret Santa looked up a title they were suggesting by the wrong name or because the participant just forgot to put a title they had already seen on their list. This simple backup really smoothed over the otherwise hectic scramble to get people their titles in a timely fashion.

Hopefully these changes made everything run a little smother for both sides. We are both curious to see if anyone noticed the changes and how much it helped the participants this year.


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