Decide Our Fate: What Should We Rewatch Next?

Despite that there are several more weeks of Cowboy Bebop Rewatch Podcasts to post, we are wrapping up recording the last episode quite soon. We could think of no better series for our inaugural Rewatch Podcast. However, the next step is not as set in stone. We have really enjoyed our trip down memory lane and are therefore curious to see how other shows might hold up after a decent chunk of time has passed. We have a slew of titles ripe for a Rewatch Podcast but what do we pick?

We could easily choose one but why not have our loyal listeners decide for us. We narrowed it down to four titles that each have a different appeal to our audience. These titles hold many memories for both of us. All of them would be tackled slightly differently from how we structured the Cowboy Bebop ones.

Your choices are:

  • Magic User’s Club (OVA) 
    While this show was wildly popular when it first came out it has faded into obscurity more than the other three shows on the list. It would be interesting to see how much this show’s popularity was a product of its time and perhaps speculate as to why the show has disappeared from the popular consciousness. Plus, Rightstuf recently license rescued it!
  • Ranma 1/2 (Season 1)
    One of us remembers this very fondly and the other remembers it with mixed feelings. It would be interesting to see if our opinions have changed since both of us had very different take aways from the series when we originally watched it. And this is a title that recently had a re-release.
  • Slayers (Season 1)
    The show both of us probably love the most of the four here. But unlike Cowboy Bebop this show is much more a product of the 90s. Also Kate has started playing D&D since she watched Slayers so it will be interesting if that has any effect on how she watches the show.
  • Tenchi Muyo (OVA 1) 
    This is the show that had the biggest shift in fandom’s opinion over the years. When it first came out it was an “it show” and introduced a lot of people to the harem concept. Since then it has become emblematic of the problems with the genre. We are both curious how much of that reputation is warranted.

If you have a little extra time leave a comment below about why you picked the title that you picked. The reason you picked the show is probably as interesting as the selection itself.



7 thoughts on “Decide Our Fate: What Should We Rewatch Next?

  1. phatbhuda says:

    Ranma 1/2 used to get so much love. I never liked it much myself though. I’d like to see if you guys still love it as much as people used to.

  2. Gonbawa says:

    I would go for Tenchi Muyo ! :
    very good animation, beautiful colors, great painted backgrounds : those OAV were produced by Pioneer/AIC to promote the LaserDisc media support at the end of the VideoTape Era, and it shows !
    (Well, the 1080P remaster does).
    OAV 1 (ep 1-6) is a great choice. It’s not just a harem, it’s an EPIC SPACE OPERA too, and a good one.
    It’s in my top ten, and I don’t even like harem genre.

    Slayers is great too, witty and hilarious, but the TV animation aged a lot.
    Ranma is a Studio Deen classic ; the firsts episodes are well animated.
    Magic User’s Club was wildly popular in USA, but in the rest of the world?… not so much.

  3. starsamaria says:

    I was a huge Tenchi fan growing up, and Ryoko is still one of my favorite female anime characters. I was in the minority, though because I always loved Tenchi Universe more than the original OVAs. I’d love to hear what you two think of it now after so many years!

  4. Mackus says:

    Slayers. Definitely. That show was first anime that I was really into, partially because it reminded me of Master of Magic, my favourite game at that time. Sure, there was also Sailor Moon and Dragonball on TV back then, but Slayers was definitely my favourite.

  5. lothos88 says:

    I vote Slayers. Mostly because I never cared much for Ranma, never saw Magic User’s Club, and while I watched a lot of Tenchi never really thought it was really very good. Slayers though I remember fondly, then again that could just be nostalgia.

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