Special Edition Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup: Just After March Madness

This Saturday post is the weekly Type-Moon news in addition to the regular APB post on Sunday. If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on the Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup drop me a line via email or Twitter.

I know that I usually post the news on Friday but I wanted to do an early post considering the blockbuster announcements that came out yesterday. I still have enough with the release of E Pluribus Unum in Fate/Grand Order, a good deal of AnimeJapan 2016 coverage, Type Moon Ace 11, as well as just random other bits of news to still do my normal news post tomorrow. I just wanted to devote a separate post to these four mind-blowing game changers.


  • Tsukihime VR
    It turns out that the Tsukihime Remake was written and ready to ship all the way back in 2015. It was going to be up for preorder right after the release of Fate/Grand Order in August but then the Type-Moon staff got an Oculus Rift devkit. At that moment they knew that Tsukihime could no longer be released like a traditional visual novel. Virtual reality is not only the future of traditional gaming it is also the destiny of visual novels. The only way forward for the White Princess of the True Ancestors was in a full 3-D immersive experience.Now you will not just read the adventures of Shiki Tohno but you will live them. The demo for the game showed Shiki walking around the Tohno Mansion conversing with Hisui and Kohaku, fighting Nrvnqsr Chaos while cutting along his Lines of Death, arbitrating a fight between Ciel and Arc in the back alleys of Misaki Town, and comforting a sad Sacchin at school. They even announced a special brand of Tsukihime themed peripherals for the more “intimate” seafood metaphor related scenes.

    Tsukihime VR is scheduled to be released during the Summer 2018 Comiket for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Google Cardboard.
    At the end of the announcement it was hinted that a Fate/Extella spin-off using VR technology is just waiting for the success of Tsukihime VR to be green lit.

Grand Order X Dark Souls

  • Fate/Grand Order + Dark Souls Collaboration Event
    Right on the heels of the Tsukihime VR bombshell was the news that the next Collaboration Event in Fate/Grand Order would be centered around a cross over with FromSoftware and their game Dark Souls 3.The Fire Keeper from Dark Souls 3 will be added as a free 4 Star Servant in a big new event in May. The details of the Fire Keeper as a Servant will be revealed closer to the unveiling of the crossover but they are guaranteed to be a unique addition to the game.

    In turn Dark Souls 3 will have a number items added as DLC equipment including Mordred, Karna, and Gilgamesh’s armor. Saber’s outfit will be given to everyone who downloads the event and the rest of the pieces of armor will have to be earned with a Holy Grail themed side quest.

    Nasu vehemently denied that this deal was made just so he could get the game a month earlier than everyone else.


  • 2016 is the Year of Arcueid Brunestud
    Type Moon has seen that the fandom clearly has a good deal of Saber fatigue after the Saber Wars event in Fate/Grand Order. So they have decided that the rest of 2016 is going to be the Year of Arcueid Brunestud. She will return to her prominence as the #1 most promoted blond foreigner in the franchise.After Dark Souls event there will be a Fate/Extra CCC storyline in Grand Order to simultaneously promote Fate/Extella and Tsukihime VR. But that was just the opening volley.Designs were rolled out for a several variants versions of Arcuid. They included Archetype:Earth, The ARC Welder, Phantasmoon, Lily Arcueid, Fluffy Idol Morcueid, Funny Vamp, Red Arcueid, Arcueid of the Red (who is different from Red Arcueid), The Vampire Lestarc, Shinsengumi Arc, and ARChbishop Lunar. On top of that each of them would be the star a game, anime, and /or manga alongside a Ahnenerbe Cafe anime with all of the Neco-Arcs. There will also be figures, image albums, wall scrolls, and much more all centered around the main heroine of Tsukihime.

    Despite some talk of making a year of Medea or Akiha as well they remember that no one cared about them. At that point they might as well try to get people to like Sakura again.

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