AnimeNEXT 2016: Roanapur and New Jersey Now Have Yet Another Thing in Common

hisui_icon_4040_round Now Roanapur and New Jersey will have their connection to  Rei Hiroe to add to the evidence that they are pretty much the same place.

I think we all know about the lack of dissemination of information in relation to debauchery while visiting the most populous city in the state of Nevada but there is no such prohibition in reporting on Atlantic City so I am going to be covering all that I can about AnimeNEXT 2016. Since Kate is still recovering from her three-week long trip to Japan I will be attending this convention solo like I did with Anime Fan Fest. Since this is AnimeNEXT’s first time in Atlantic City it is going to mean I am going to work a little harder when it comes to my coverage of the event. Hopefully I will be able to survive Monopoly City on my own.

It seems like the trip will be worth it with their line up of guests. As I mentioned at the top Rei Hiroe of Black Lagoon fame will be in attendance. It is always nice to see a high-profile mangaka guest at a convention especially if they have worked with Type-Moon. Of course that means I will have to ask him about that as well as the character he worked on for Fate/Grand Order.

Anime Next is also welcoming back Akitaro Daichi as well as several members of Studio Trigger. Since Akitaro Daichi is one of few Japanese guests who has a picture of me (or more precisely the Animation Runner Kuromi shirt I was wearing in 2005) I am very excited to see how he has changed since he was last in New Jersey. Studio Trigger has become a welcome part of the convention.  They really go all out for their American fans. I am curious to see what surprises they bring with them this year.

I don’t know too much about Megumi Kouno but I always appreciate being able to learn a little more about the over looked grunt work positions like key animator. While key animators are vital to the industry they can easily go overlooked in favor of some of the more glamorous parts of the industry.

Naoko Matsui is a fairly veteran voice actress who has been working since the 80s. Since she is Sonoko Suzuki in Detective Conan she pretty much has job security for life. I am curious about her Roux Louka in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ as well as Dorothy Catalonia in Gundam Wing. I also want to ask about her work as Ribbon in HappinessCharge PreCure! (even if we all REALLY want to ask about Miyuki Kobori who played Glasan.)

If there was anything at the convention to get Kate to go it was the ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D concert. Since she was them in 2014 I think she will be fine but I am excited to see them again.

If you’re attending AnimeNEXT this year come and say hello to me. Otherwise I hope you enjoy my write up of the next phase of AnimeNEXT!

I have panels! Attend them if you can!

Friday 03:45 PM – Anime Recruitment in Panel 304
Saturday 10:00 AM – Mecha Fight Club: Debates in Robots in Panel 318
Sunday 10:00 AM – Epic Grail Battles of History in Panel 301

My tentative schedule for the convention:

10:00 AM – A Snack on Titan : Snacking Etiquette for a Colossal Hunger
11:45 AM – It’s Showtime! A Tokyo Mew Mew Panel
01:15 PM – Anime Burger Time
03:45 PM – Anime Recruitment
05:30 PM – History of Magical Girls
06:45 PM – Elements of Style: Anime Openings Since 1963
08:00 PM – ROOKiEZ Concert
09:45 PM – “THE WORLD” of Jojo’s & Pop Culture
10:15 PM – History of Hentai Games in English

10:00 AM – Mecha Fight Club: Debates in Robots

11: 15 AM – Q&A with Rei Hiroe (Black Lagoon)
01:00 PM – Rei Hiroe Autographs
02:30 PM – TRIGGER: Inferno Cop World Premiere
04:30 PM – Power Hour with Rei Hiroe (Black Lagoon)
06:00 PM – Studying Anime at University Level
07:15 PM – AnimeNEXT: 15 Years OF Convention
08:15 PM – Every Con Until You Like It: A Nasuverse Fan Panel
09:30 PM – The Fine Art of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
10:45 PM – The Touhou Retrospective: Your Guide To Gensokyo

10:00 AM – Epic Grail Battles of History
11:15 AM – Space Patrol Luluco with Studio TRIGGER
01:15 PM – Let’s Dive: The History of Cyberpunk Anime
02: 30 PM – Fight Like a Girl! The power of the Magical Girl


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