The Speakeasy #121: Best Anime of 2020 and Tsukihime Remake News

We wrap up 2020 with some of our favorite shows and Al discusses the Tsukihime remake news.

3 thoughts on “The Speakeasy #121: Best Anime of 2020 and Tsukihime Remake News

  1. Alexander Case says:

    I wonder if part of the reason for the Tsukihime recasting was due to the passing of Miyu Matsuki (the voice of Hisui in Melty Blood and other works – and also Isumi in Hayate the Combat Butler) leading them to decide to just completely recast.

    • reversethieves says:

      The only thing is that they already recast Hisui as Yumi Kakazu for Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!!. So they were not 100% against recasting Hisui.

      I like my theory that original cast will be used the the “original” timeline of Tsukihime and the new cast will be used when it is the -A piece of blue glass moon- timeline.

      In the end this is only really a question that time can answer.

      – Alain

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