Manga of the Month: Run On Your New Legs

Run On Your New Legs by Wataru Midori

After Kikuzato has his left leg amputated following an accident, he assumes he has to give up his athletic dreams. But a chance encounter with a prosthetist (just go with it!) leads him to the world of running track and the precision of sports prosthetics.

Kikuzato beginss the story doubtful of his own abilities, but at the same time he never quite settles into the life he thinks he is supposed to have now that he has a prosthetic leg. In addition, he is dealing with the loss of long time friendship, a mother who is protective of him, and repeating his first year of high school. The story applies the same weight to Kikuzato navigating the professional running space as it does to him making new friends at his high school track and field club. All of this is told with passion, humor, and plenty of speed lines!

Run On Your New Legs is a sports series with all the right moves for a sport that I hadn’t seen before in manga!



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