Archive 2007

December 2007

Narutaki and Hisu VS. 2007 We take a look back at lots of random stuff from this past year.
How can you not see it’s awesome?
The most popular shows in Japan never make it to the U.S.
New York Anime Festival 2007
The first anime con in NYC in four years! Read how we thought it turned out.
Are we on the cusp of revolution?
There was an open letter to the industry on ANN by Justin Sevakis, we discuss it and our views of what can be done.

November 2007

Naming her Duck is not a reason to march on Washington. Oh those fans, so many demands.
Best AMVs I’ve never seen.
We just chit chat about AMV love.
Size does matter.
How long should a series be? Enough with the filler, please!
Lost in the shuffle.
We talk about shows that were once required viewing but now have fallen off the map.
Kinokuniya Grand Opening Bash
YAY! A new Japanese book store opens in NYC with a bang!
Lum is awesome and so not tsundere!
We talk about a couple of misconceptions involving Urusei Yatsura.

October 2007

Japan is lookin’ to crack down! Japan makes a plea to America, help stop illegal distribution of anime.
2 Golden Oldies
Our first look at the ImaginAsia releases of Cat’s Eye and Orguss.
MangaNEXT 2007
Our report from a little-bitty con over in New Jersey.
Claymore, No yuri scenes despite how much you want it.
Our spoiler-free review of Claymore.
Lights, camera, Nippon live action! Well, we did live action anime in the U.S. now we are moving over the ocean for some more.

September 2007

I got Geek Backed, booyah! Geek Nights did a show about my e-mail and here was our lengthy discussion about it.
Lights, camera, live action! American live action adaptations of anime.
Get ‘em while their hot! Watching the latest in Japan is good and makes you feel smart.
Kekkaishi, Ultimate box making technique! Why did no one watch this? Spoiler-free!
Now this is what it’s like when worlds collide ADV and Geneon, if you haven’t already heard.
Diamonds in a Sea of Porn
Video games based on anime and anime based on games. Video games that we want now!

August 2007

The Unabomber doesn’t pay for anime! DVD sales are decreasing and we are talk about why we are mad as hell about it.
Moe! Good God ya’ll! What is it good for? Moe . . .
I hate you Misa Misa Crappy female characters and why there are so many.
Why must the phrase, “You fight like a girl,” be an insult? Strong women in anime and manga, are there any?

July 2007

Otakon 2007 Obviously our little con report.
Manga Pod this! Our look at the current state of the U.S. manga industry and its marketing of American made “manga.”

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