September’s Final Denouement: What Lies at the End of the Grand Line?

Filled with ever stripe of  One Piece spoiler you could imagine up to and including the current manga chapter (579) and anime episode (463+).

hisuiconEiichiro Oda just recently announced that One Piece is going on a month-long hiatus after chapter 597. So as the manga moves on to the next stage I thought I would be the perfect time for me to reflect  how I think One Piece  will end. As I have expressed on the blog before I enjoy trying to figure out what the mangaka has planned and see how many of suspicions are correct. Oda plans out his manga enough that I feel this is viable thought exercise because he is not just making up the story as he goes along. Everything below is my speculation but I feel my theories have a good deal of contextual proof and hints  backing them up as well. So let us sail to the end of the Grand Line and see what is there.

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August’s Final Denouement: Why Risa and Otani just make sense.

The school romance is a staple whether you are talking about shonen or shojo but when speaking of modern girls manga alone, there is an overwhelming amount of it. It is easy to say that you’ve seen it all before, that nothing can surprise you, or that they are just plain silly and unrelatable and for the most part, even as someone who reads a lot of them, you wouldn’t be far off the mark. They are fluff but every once and a while you come across one that makes the familiar feel so very special. Maybe Lovely Complex isn’t the most original school romance you’ll ever see, but it is a pillar on how to do it justice.

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July’s Final Denouement: The Great Detective Knows

WARNING: Massive spoiler for pretty much all of Umineko no Naku Koro ni up to and including the 6th visual novel.

hisuiconIn an unusual twist I will have an actual Final Denouement as the this month’s Final Denouement. I’m going to use this as a sounding board for my crazy theory on what I think is going on in Umineko and even point a finger at who I think the the main mastermind behind the deaths on the chessboard is. I’m mostly curious to see what other people who have played the games think of my theory. I’m sure there are holes in this theory that I’m not seeing and I welcome any criticism. Of course this means if you have not read up to episode 5: End of the Golden Witch you should wait until because I will spoil parts of the story like nobody’s business.

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