June’s Final Denouement: Not-America, you are the villain!


I finished Pluto rather recently and subsequently listened to a number of podcasts about the series. The series has a number of twists and turns in its narrative as well as a bevy of themes and symbolism to discuss if you so desire. As Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki made the story their own they modernized it in many ways while also maintaining many of the messages of old. One of the things that everyone seems to recognize but I haven’t heard as much discussion on is the new and very clear anti-American view presented in the thinly veiled guise of Thracia that wasn’t in the original story.

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May’s Final Denouement: How it should have ended.

Warning: I am talking about the endings of Mitsuru Adachi’s Touch and Cross Game in this post.

hisuiconAs many other surely do, whenever I read a manga or watch an anime I have a habit of trying to predict where the story is going and how it will end. I like to see how in tune I am with the authors train of thought. This on rare occasion can lead me to coming up with a better ending than the one I was presented with in the original story. I do not want to come off as though the ending of Cross Game was not excellent. I just feel that there were important loose ends that were never answered that the version in my head addressed.

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April’s Final Denouement: Shut the f*** up, narrator!

Getting spoiled on a show, it has happened to us all. At one time or another we’ve probably kicked ourselves for not being more careful. Sometimes you accidentally run into spoilers while puttering around on the internet. Sometimes someone let’s some bit of information slip without meaning to. And sometimes the show itself is there spoiling things for you. This third, and much more rare, scenario is what I want to discuss today. Maybe you’ve experienced in show spoilers and maybe you haven’t.

As you may know, I have been watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes, a series that has an ever-present narrator. The narrator does his job which enhances the tension and foreboding of coming events, he may also provide information that is beyond the scope occurring in the far future or the distant past, but many times he is like the narrator of too-much-information. Is it really necessary to end sentences with things like “this is the last time they would ever speak like this . . .” DUH-DUN-DUH! But what may be even worse are the previews for the show, they are literally unwatchable if you don’t want to know all the important stuff that will happen next. Characters, important characters, get killed in episode previews! This has becoming a running joke as we watch through the series.

But this isn’t the only show that has a runaway narrator or previews that leave nothing to the imagination. However, to be fair some crazed narrators are entertaining, ones that come to mind are the narrators from Fist of the North Star, Hayate the Combat Butler, and VOTOMS. Original Gundam certainly has previews that act in a giving-it-all-away manner, Mazinger Z has utterly misleading episode titles, GaoGaiGar’s narrator sometimes just lies in the previews, and in a more recent example Cross Game destroys its own cliffhangers in the show previews!

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