Biker Servants From Avalon

My birthday recently passed on the 21st. As an adult I sadly don’t get much of a haul anymore. But on the rare occasion I do get a special kind of wonderful. This year my friends were amazingly generous enough to all chip in and buy me something very special. Since I have been down on my luck recently I have not been able to buy much with what little free cash I have. That means a great deal of tempting but pricy luxury items simply slip through my fingers. But one that is certainly worth lusting for is the Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier PVC. It is hardly a secret that Saber is my favorite character. And a sword wielding Saber in a suit who is also riding a motorcycle is certainly a fortuitous mixture of things that I find appealing. So naturally this is a figure that has my name all over it. Since it is such a well made figure given to me so generously I had to share a little review with everyone.

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Tampering with the Polling Figures

Narutaki recently found an article about a poll that the figure company Good Smile is running to see what characters people are interested in seeing represented in their various product lines for their 10th anniversary. Since Nartuaki and I are big toy fans I figured that we might as well use this as an opportunity to muse on what we would like to see made into figures.

I have to say even as Saber Fan #1 I am very disappointing that Saber Lily is the number one choice. No matter what the form they will always continue to make new Saber figures. They have made everything from dozens of figures of the King of Knights in a bikini to Saber in a Lion costume. As someone who contributes to this phenomenon I can assure you that you never have to worry about them not releasing some new form of Saber figure.

This is an opportunity to show Good Smile what niches are going untapped. This is a chance to be bold and innovative. No wisdom or glory is gained by explaining what someone already understands. So we each made a list of 5 characters that don’t get enough love when it comes to toys.

While I’m not nearly the figure collector Hisui is, I’m starting to get a good collection going. That being the case, I never pass up a chance to have my opinions heard on what I want made, even if it is a long shot to actually happening. Also while the figure market for male characters has grown in recent years, there is still a sever lack of them!

I am a big fan of the cute and goofy Nendoroid line from Good Smile Company, so all my requests are for Nendoroids. In fact, in some cases I’m requesting a whole new theme for them to take on with my pick as the one I’d like to see most. And some of Hisui’s ideas on the list are ones I would totally get behind as well.

Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun from Slayers [Nendoroid]

Without a doubt Amelia is my favorite character from Slayers. Since Lina is the main character of the series she undoubtedly gets the lion’s share of the merchandise, and Naga gets attention for two extremely obvious reasons, but sadly Amelia largely goes unnoticed. But with the recent resurgence of Slayers merchandise including a Gourry figure maybe all the secondary Slayers characters will get some attention. It would be nice to see the dynamic duo that is Amelia and Zelgadis finally get their time in the spotlight. While a totally candy land suggestion I would also like a Martina figure but I know the difference between unlikely and nearly impossible.

Black Jack from Black Jack [Nendoroid]

More classic figures is a simple suggestion which I think would be popular. The first in the line might not be Black Jack, but that is certainly my request when thinking about Tezuka’s iconic characters. And his simple designs would translate well to the big-headed form of the Nendoroid. Alternate body/head should include surgical hat and mask with accessories for surgery, and let’s throw in a Pinoko for good measure.

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Ongoing Investigations: Case #164

When they finally announced a SGFiguarts Sky High from Tiger & Bunny, I was poised and ready for that pre-order; I had been waiting none too patiently. It finally arrived last week.

This is my first Figuarts purchase and I’m very happy with what I see. This looks dead-on like Sky High, I’m a real stickler for that authenticity. The paint job is flawless without a bad seam to be found. Somewhat like a Revoltech you have many hand options and other little details such as jet pack blasts as well as number of points of articulation. The possibility is good, though I did have some trouble getting his shoulder armor to stay on, after I settled on a pose I was really able to keep it. This is also thanks to a sturdy stand.

Even though this figure is on the smaller side for me, the craftsmanship makes me really happy with my choice.

I watched Another with my roommate partially because he likes horror stuff and partially because someone recommended the series as a good mystery. In a way, the series is both a horror anime and a mystery so I can discuss how those parts work individually and together.

As a horror series the plot works much like a Final Destination movie with a classmate dying every episode in some gruesome manner with an absolute bloodbath in he final two episodes. Not everyone dies like a Final Destination movie but the body count is high, the deaths near the end are gruesome, and some serious sacrifices are made. In that regard, the series pretty much gives you what you want.

The mystery is decent. I have a feeling that some people are going to find the identity of the ghostly classmate as brilliant and others are going to pass it off as a bit of a cheat. I think parts of the reveal have clues pointing to them and other parts are pretty much a surprise. The show does not cheat by say making the extra student someone you never saw but it is a bit of a major misdirection. I was glad they brought up and then quickly disapproved most of the super common twists you would have expected about the extra student early on.

My only real complaint is that one person essentially has a ghost detector and does not mention it to anyone until the last possible second.  That was a plot convenient bit of withholding information.

Overall all it was an enjoyable little show. It is very much more a horror show than a mystery. The show revels in its deaths and mostly just plays in the detective aspect. Watch it for a horror show with a mystery element and not the other way around.

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