Tampering with the Polling Figures

Narutaki recently found an article about a poll that the figure company Good Smile is running to see what characters people are interested in seeing represented in their various product lines for their 10th anniversary. Since Nartuaki and I are big toy fans I figured that we might as well use this as an opportunity to muse on what we would like to see made into figures.

I have to say even as Saber Fan #1 I am very disappointing that Saber Lily is the number one choice. No matter what the form they will always continue to make new Saber figures. They have made everything from dozens of figures of the King of Knights in a bikini to Saber in a Lion costume. As someone who contributes to this phenomenon I can assure you that you never have to worry about them not releasing some new form of Saber figure.

This is an opportunity to show Good Smile what niches are going untapped. This is a chance to be bold and innovative. No wisdom or glory is gained by explaining what someone already understands. So we each made a list of 5 characters that don’t get enough love when it comes to toys.

While I’m not nearly the figure collector Hisui is, I’m starting to get a good collection going. That being the case, I never pass up a chance to have my opinions heard on what I want made, even if it is a long shot to actually happening. Also while the figure market for male characters has grown in recent years, there is still a sever lack of them!

I am a big fan of the cute and goofy Nendoroid line from Good Smile Company, so all my requests are for Nendoroids. In fact, in some cases I’m requesting a whole new theme for them to take on with my pick as the one I’d like to see most. And some of Hisui’s ideas on the list are ones I would totally get behind as well.

Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun from Slayers [Nendoroid]

Without a doubt Amelia is my favorite character from Slayers. Since Lina is the main character of the series she undoubtedly gets the lion’s share of the merchandise, and Naga gets attention for two extremely obvious reasons, but sadly Amelia largely goes unnoticed. But with the recent resurgence of Slayers merchandise including a Gourry figure maybe all the secondary Slayers characters will get some attention. It would be nice to see the dynamic duo that is Amelia and Zelgadis finally get their time in the spotlight. While a totally candy land suggestion I would also like a Martina figure but I know the difference between unlikely and nearly impossible.

Black Jack from Black Jack [Nendoroid]

More classic figures is a simple suggestion which I think would be popular. The first in the line might not be Black Jack, but that is certainly my request when thinking about Tezuka’s iconic characters. And his simple designs would translate well to the big-headed form of the Nendoroid. Alternate body/head should include surgical hat and mask with accessories for surgery, and let’s throw in a Pinoko for good measure.

Ryuunosuke Fujinami from Urusei Yatsura [Nendoroid]

Urusei Yatsura is amazing in the fact that for a property that is over 30 years old it still gets a fair share of merchandise. While Lum has transcended to a near ubiquitously status, the rest of the cast has largely been forgotten. I myself would love to see some of the rest of the cast get a little recognition as well. Ryuunosuke Fujinami was a reverse trap before it was cool and is still cool today. I would also snatch up a Shinobu or Ran figure and I am sure Narutaki would be tempted by a figure of Mendo or Rei.

Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club [Nendoroid]

Ouran High School Host Club doesn’t really have much in the way of figures at all and it has always disappointed me. But with Prince-sama getting adorable figures soon, I feel we can now add much more to the line of bishonen Nendoroids! The alternate body in this set must surely be Mad Hatter version Tamaki. And if they really want to impress me, he will also come with a tiny piano.

Nanami from Suikoden II [Scale Figure]

The Suikoden series is already a fairly niche fandom in video games and it is not helped by the very low print run of Suikoden II. But anyone who has played the game knows that it is a treasure trove of opportunities to make figures including making toys out of its 108 playable characters. Nanami was always my favorite from the second game. Her spunky tomboy nature was infectiously fun. Plus her three section staff gives you a great deal of opportunities for dynamic poses. I would not turn down a figure of Lilly Pendragon as well. (Another swordswoman with the last name Pendragon. How odd that I would like her.)

Char’s Zaku II from Mobile Suit Gundam [Nendoroid]

They’ve done Tachikomas, which fit in well with the squat line of figures, but now I want them to take on the challenge of creating giant robots. I realize this is rather an impossible sell if only because Sunrise has their own team of merchandise making giants, but hey it is a dream list! I think original Gundam is as good a place to start as you can get. Char is Char and everyone loves him so these would be scooped up. If they want to also make a Nendoroid of Char himself I wouldn’t complain either! And can you imagine other robots in the line, like EVAs would be perfect and funny.

Mion Sonozaki from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni [Scale Figure]

There are several figures of Mion that exists but I would never buy any of them. They are all Mion in either in a bathing suit or a very skimpy costume. I would love to finally be able to buy a figure of her in her school uniform or her casual clothing. They both show off that she is an attractive girl with a voluptuous figure while still being modest. But her currently bishojo figures just cross the line from eccentrically embarrassing to borderline vulgar. Plus Mion’s jacket and tie combination in her school uniform is amazingly cute.

Conan from Detective Conan [Nendoroid]

Just recently was released a limited-edition Petite Nendoroid of Conan in two different soccer uniforms. Well, that just isn’t good enough! We need traditional Conan for sure. He is already a kid so he is a perfect fit. There would be gadgets galore in the accessories like his skateboard and soccer ball. Heck, they could probably even pull off having alternate head/body so you can make him Shinichi, too! I’d also like to see other characters like Heiji and Kaito Kid later down the line as well. 

Rider from Fate/Zero [Scale Figure]

As much as I normally complain about the criminal lack of any good Bazett figures there is an even more egregious offense when it comes to Type-Moon merchandise. There has never been enough figures of male characters from the Nasuverse. With Iskandar and Waver Velvet being the breakout heroes of Fate/Zero it is only natural that they get some love. Rider astride his Gordius Wheel would make a decadently spectacular figure especially if you could add in an accompanying Waver figure. It would appeal to the manly men as well as the fujoshi and bara fans. While he a galactic sized jerk a Gilgamesh figure would cut an imposing figure as well.

Raoh w/ Kokuoh-Go from Fist of the North Star [Nendoroid]

Muscley men were saved for last and since Rider is totally an homage to Raoh, it wouldn’t be right to not have the original in the list. Besides when I thought of this I nearly burst out laughing so of course now I really want it. The helmet and cape alone will be impressive. I know there has been a Nendoroid with a car so I believe they can figure out how to make Kokuoh-Go for Raoh to sit upon.

What figures would you like to see on the market?

Be sure to vote in the Good Smile polls and write in to let them know what you want made!


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