Double PreCure 2018 Podcasts: Case Closed Review and S.W.A.T. Review

As you may very well know, the ending of one PreCure series is also the beginning of another. We wrap up our final thoughts on the delicious Kirakira PreCure a la Mode and give you our initial take on the new and oddly named Hugtto! PreCure!

Final impressions of Kirakira PreCure a la Mode! from Toei Animation. DOWNLOAD

First impressions of Hugtto! PreCure Toei Animation. DOWNLOAD


Case Closed Reviews: Fall 2017

First impressions are great but what about our thoughts after we’ve watched an entire series week to week? We figured our listeners might want to hear our final impressions as well so we’ve created the Case Closed Review podcast. Just like the S.W.A.T. Reviews, these are mini-podcasts and completely off the cuff.

Final impressions of Kino’s Journey -The Beautiful World- from Lerche. It is streaming on Crunchyroll. DOWNLOAD

Final impressions of MAGICAL CIRCLE GURU-GURU from Production I.G. It is streaming on Crunchyroll. DOWNLOAD

Final impressions of Recovery of an MMO Junkie from Signal M.D. It is streaming on Crunchyroll. DOWNLOAD

Case Closed Review: Netflix Death Note

Final impressions of Death Note from LP Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment, and Lin Pictures. It is streaming on Netflix.