Double PreCure 2018 Podcasts: Case Closed Review and S.W.A.T. Review

As you may very well know, the ending of one PreCure series is also the beginning of another. We wrap up our final thoughts on the delicious Kirakira PreCure a la Mode and give you our initial take on the new and oddly named Hugtto! PreCure!

Final impressions of Kirakira PreCure a la Mode! from Toei Animation. DOWNLOAD

First impressions of Hugtto! PreCure Toei Animation. DOWNLOAD


One thought on “Double PreCure 2018 Podcasts: Case Closed Review and S.W.A.T. Review

  1. neptuniafan says:

    I just came into your site to see your thoughts on both Precure series, and honestly… it was really basic and I do kinda get your points and there are somethings that I do not agree on, like your thoughts on both Kirakira and Hugtto, which are surprisingly polarizing.

    But from what your interests are, I can guess why you guys find Kirakira to be your favorites and hesitant about Hugtto. If you ask me, I really dislike Kirakira with how they treat their characters and the story, not to mention the fight scenes are boring. Hugtto pretty much gives me hope for the series, but we will see how things are going from here on.

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