Bonus Round – Tofu Fast, Tofu Furious

In this episode of the Bonus Round, we tackle the first season in the Initial D franchise. Funimation has recently re-released the earlier series that were once property of infamous TokyoPop. This is the story of tofu delivery boy Takumi who’s driving skills have unwittingly become a thing of legend. He gets swept up in street racing in his town thanks to some friends and rivals. There aren’t a ton of sports series focusing on car racing but with Initial D around you shouldn’t really need much else. There is also a trailer at the beginning of the podcast for the upcoming U.S. film release.

Anime3000 – Bonus Round – Initial D Season 1


Bonus Round – An Encore Performance

We return to the Kaleido stage in this episode of the Bonus Round on Anime3000 in which we talk about the second season of Kaleido Star and the accompanying OVAs. In season 1, Sora is able to perform the Legendary Great Maneuver with Layla and save the Kaleido Stage. In season 2, dubbed “New Wings” we find that due to her injury Layla has retired from the circus and become a full-time actress. Now Sora must find her own way on the stage but she is unsure of what direction to head in. A rival by the name of May Wong and the icy perfectionist Leon Oswald join the troop and bring further complications. Does Sora have what it takes to be a true Kaleido Star? Then it’s Extra Stage and Legend of Phoenix, OVAs about Rosetta Passel and Layla Hamilton respectively. As a special bonus we have a shocking in-depth expose about May Wong at the beginning of the review.

Anime3000 – Bonus Round – Kaleido Star Season 2 + OVAs

Bonus Round – Cat Scratch Fever

In our newest contribution for the Bonus Round on Anime3000, we look at the first half of the 2009 Satelight show, the Guin Saga. An adaption of a classic Japanese fantasy series that ran for over a 130 volumes by scarily prolific author Kaoru Kurimoto. Guin Saga is the story of Guin a man with amnesia who is trapped in a leopard mask that helps the prince and princess of a fallen country as he tries to regain his lost memories. But as the Mongauli army peruses them they are forced deeper into the cursed land of Nospherus. We clearly enjoyed the books but how does the anime stack up? As a bonus we also have a dramatic reader from a “lost” book in the series. As a bonus besides your normal Thieves we have Otaku USA’s Caleb Dunaway as Remus, Patz from Insert-Disc as Istavan, and Carl Li from Ogiue Maniax as the narrator.

Anime3000 – Bonus Round – Guin Saga Part 1