Bonus Round – The Amazing Rosetta & Chums Circus

In our newest contribution for the Bonus Round on Anime3000, we look at Kaleido Star Season 1. In a miracle of miracles it seems that Studio Gonzo is able to hit one out of the park on occasion. The 2003 show is about a young girl’s struggle to become a circus star in the competitive and glamorous world of the Kaleido Stage. She is told by the mysterious spirit of the stage that she has the potential to perform the legendary maneuver but she will have to overcome some harsh shojo sports training before she is ready. As well as the review there is a little commercial before the main event for an amazing new Anime 3000 production. I hope you will enjoy it whenever it comes to your town. It is almost too good to be true.

Anime3000 – Bonus Round – Kaleido Star Season 1

Bonus Round – Blood Rubies Are Forever

In our second contribution for the Bonus Round on Anime3000, Narutaki looks at the first Dragon Ball movie. Before there was the many levels of Super Saiyan and space aliens aplenty there was the story of young Goku trying to find the Dragon Balls while flying around on a cloud. Narutaki looks at the retelling of the origins of the Dragon Ball franchise now that it has finally been released uncut for an English-speaking audience. I hope you don’t mind that to pay the bills we threw on a little commercial for a driving school. They are sort of the international version of the RED Driving School. If this goes well maybe Anime3000 can get some more sponsors in the future.

Anime3000 – Bonus Round – Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies

Bonus Round – No Shoes, No Pants, But Still Lots of Service

Prepare for reviews, and make them double
To protect the world from Sand of Destruction,
To unite all anime fans within our blogoshpere,
To denounce the evil of subs vs. dubs,
To extend our reach to the Side 3 colonies above

Hisui! Narutaki!
Reverse Thieves blasts off at the speed of light,
Listen now, or prepare to watch M.D. Geist

Chu Chu, that’s right!

In our first contribution for the Bonus Round for Anime 3000 we will give you some two-fisted reviews courtesy of  your favorite anime detectives. Before we get to the reviews there is an important new bulletin for all noble patriots at the front of the podcast1.  Hisui braved the battlefield and became a front line solider in the war against pants with his review of Strike Witches. You too can listen in and join the war effort for the liberation of the masses under the tyrannical thumb of General Shimada and the Moe Kaiser.

Anime3000 – Bonus Round – Strike Witches

1 Yes. The Morse Code you hear is the news bulletin.