Bonus Round – No Shoes, No Pants, But Still Lots of Service

Prepare for reviews, and make them double
To protect the world from Sand of Destruction,
To unite all anime fans within our blogoshpere,
To denounce the evil of subs vs. dubs,
To extend our reach to the Side 3 colonies above

Hisui! Narutaki!
Reverse Thieves blasts off at the speed of light,
Listen now, or prepare to watch M.D. Geist

Chu Chu, that’s right!

In our first contribution for the Bonus Round for Anime 3000 we will give you some two-fisted reviews courtesy of  your favorite anime detectives. Before we get to the reviews there is an important new bulletin for all noble patriots at the front of the podcast1.  Hisui braved the battlefield and became a front line solider in the war against pants with his review of Strike Witches. You too can listen in and join the war effort for the liberation of the masses under the tyrannical thumb of General Shimada and the Moe Kaiser.

Anime3000 – Bonus Round – Strike Witches

1 Yes. The Morse Code you hear is the news bulletin.

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