The Show Must Go On

Your reaction to the ending of a series can be as varied as stars in the sky. By the end some  shows will make you laugh, cry, scream, scratch your head, or even wonder what feeling you have at all. At times you will fondly find catharsis in a series that comes to a satisfying conclusion while others will make you glad you never have to watch another episode of such a train wreck. But since anime can be nothing more than very elaborate commercial for a manga series you will sometimes get a show that just abruptly ends and assumes that you will run down to your local book store and get the conclusion there. Other times production decisions will cutting off a story before it can reach its scheduled resolution. This week we will be looking at five anime that for one reason or another ended at a place that left us both wanting more. We will also each pick one series the other has not seen as bonus as well.

In my earlier days, I remember watching shows and not knowing if there was more, or often assuming there was more because how could you end the story there! Of course I have since come to realize this happens a lot, you get just a taste, wish for more, and never do get it. So this is a celebration of titles that we want more of being aware that it might or more than likely might not happen. This is just the beginning of a list that certainly has many more titles to come.

Riding Bean

One OVA was hardly enough. Most of the other series on our list had a good run but left us wanting more. Bean on the other hand, we barely got a taste of. Riding Bean was supposed to be a TV series that sadly never came to fruition. Bean Bandit may have repeatedly shown up in the Gunsmith Cats manga (and later Gunsmith Cats Burst) but he never appeared in the Gunsmith Cats anime which is a crying shame. He is a man’s man, tougher than nails, and instantly likable. His exciting job of shady courier allows for many and varied stories; Bean as a TV series could be a grouping of one-offs, some huge complex story, or a mixture of the two. If nothing else they could make more Gunsmith Cats and adapt the parts where Bean shows up as well.

Giant Killing

This was obviously a series that had so much more story to tell but sadly only got a season to tell it. There are still 8 volumes of material that have not been animated from the still ongoing manga of which no end is in sight. Plus the ETU is a professional soccer team so they don’t have a fixed number of years to play as with a school team. The dynamic focus from the coach to the players to the fans to the reports lends itself to continuous growth and changing perspectives. It was so nice to see an anime about a professional team filled with adults; we can use some more of that!

Ouran High School Host Club

It seems like a simple decision. Ouran High School Host Club was insanely popular in the U.S. and Japan but the anime had to be cut short because the manga was still ongoing. Since the manga has finally finished up, it is the prefect time to conclude the series while the series is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Even if it is obvious who Haruhi is going to end up with, as it is with so many romances, you still want to see it play out. Plus the series is always charming and hilarious so another season of comedy for both sexes is most welcome.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost in the Shell is an evergreen property. A property that is rightfully associated with being intelligent and provocative while still having a sexy and exciting edge. As the long-running Law and Order (and its many iterations) prove, it’s easy to make a new season of a procedural police show and keep it fresh and interesting. GitS: SAC stunning cast can always incorporate new issues from Japan’s political sphere to its technological dominance and everything in between for new stories. It is a franchise that can easily continue for as long as you want while staying challenging. Director Kamiyama expressed a desire for more GitS: SAC so we need to let him know we want it!

Hataraki Man

Hataraki Man most certainly ends at a changing point, but not that doesn’t satisfying in fact it just makes you want to know where things will end up. Hiroko’s dedication as a reporter never gets old and it makes easy pickings for new stories to tell. On the more personal front, there seems to be some growing attraction between her and the photographer plus we have all the great relationships between everyone at the office. Too bad the manga has been left hanging for a while as well.

Bonus Picks

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar

Ending with Grand Glorious Gathering is like ending the original Star War Trilogy with Empire Strikes Back. The good guys have won but as great cost and most of the cast is stuck light years from home.  Clearly the need make the third part to tie up all the loose ends and give the series the colossal ending it deserves. Plus GaoGaiGar has always been one of the premiere hot-blooded mecha shows so I don’t think any fan of the super robot genre would object to the further adventures of the Gutsy Geoid Guard.


I’m kind of hoping for a TV series more than a continuation of this prequel OVA, but that still counts! The OVA is basically a page by page adaption of the manga, however seeing all the action sequences is a huge boon. A dark future, strange genetic experiments, secret pasts, and plenty of action makes me desperate for more!


2 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On

  1. mori says:

    Definitely have to agree with Giant Killing, Ouran High and GitS.

    I’d also like to add Kuragehime and Oofuri just off the top of my head. The former was so much fun to watch but ended so awkwardly and with the latter, season 2 never got picked up in the US due to poor sales performance of the first and will most likely never see a release. I’ve since gone and picked up the mangas for both and I’m considering picking up Giant Killing (though I’m holding out with hope that the anime continues soon). So yes, the animes in these instances are rather successful marketing tools for the manga (in my case anyway).

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