Stryker While The Iron is Hot

Sometimes it takes a real hero to talk about a visual novel. And sometimes it just takes and ordinary person who has traded his memories to amoral spirits for super powers. But that is besides the point. In this case I will be talking about MangaGamer’s Dengeki Stryker on the Eroge Bus podcast with the Digital Bug. Once again I will be talking about the surprisingly melancholy hot-blooded tokusatsu visual novel. As with all the other Eroge Bus episodes there will be visual novel news at the front, new game announcements at the end, and a spoiler free and spoiler filled discussion of the game in the middle.  I will probably talk about this game again if MangaGamer picks up Chou Dengeki Stryker but until then consider this the last word on it for a while.

A a side note, apparently there is a visual novel using the concept of Maxwell’s demon. Can’t say I saw that coming.

Eroge Bus Episode 15 – Dengeki Stryker

Dengeki Stryker: The Bittersweet Rewards of Being a Hero

I already did a fairly thorough review of the Dengeki Stryker demo from MangaGamer already so there is no need for me to reiterate what I said there already. But I felt I should do a bit of a follow-up article now that I have played the full game. While the MangaGamer demo is undoubtedly meaty I don’t think it tells the full story of game. This is not really MangaGamer‘s fault. All the game changing stuff always comes in the last fourth of the two paths in the story. So other than plastering a big disclaimer that “STUFF GETS SERIOUS SOMETIME AFTER THIS” or a list of spoilers after you play through the demo there was not much they could do. But I do feel it is enough of a change that I should update my review. I will try to avoid spoilers for anyone still thinking about buying the game. Continue reading

Dengeki Stryker Demo: Hard Working Foreigners For World Domination

Tokusatsu and eroge are not necessarily the first two things you might think of combining together but they actually complement each other better than you would think. Dengeki Stryker mixes in tales of hot-blooded courage with transforming cyborgs and combines it with sexy time adventures. I first became aware of this series when Mike Dent mentioned it in his Friday Ace podcast. The opening video with a song by Masaaki Endoh of Jam Project and animation directed by Shinichi Watanabe immediately told me this was something to watch out for. Since MangaGamer does some rather robust demos so I was really looking forward to what they would release for Dengeki Stryker since they were doing the English adaptation. After playing it I learned it was not exactly the game I originally thought it would be. The question was did I enjoy what I discovered it to be.

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