Stryker While The Iron is Hot

Sometimes it takes a real hero to talk about a visual novel. And sometimes it just takes and ordinary person who has traded his memories to amoral spirits for super powers. But that is besides the point. In this case I will be talking about MangaGamer’s Dengeki Stryker on the Eroge Bus podcast with the Digital Bug. Once again I will be talking about the surprisingly melancholy hot-blooded tokusatsu visual novel. As with all the other Eroge Bus episodes there will be visual novel news at the front, new game announcements at the end, and a spoiler free and spoiler filled discussion of the game in the middle.  I will probably talk about this game again if MangaGamer picks up Chou Dengeki Stryker but until then consider this the last word on it for a while.

A a side note, apparently there is a visual novel using the concept of Maxwell’s demon. Can’t say I saw that coming.

Eroge Bus Episode 15 – Dengeki Stryker


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