Wallpaper: Autobot Mickey Mouse

narutaki_icon_4040 I’ve decided to start posting some of the wallpapers I make. They are just for my personal use, but I figure hey why not share! I’ll be sharing them in three standard sizes, but if anyone requests a specific ratio I can probably make it for you without much of a problem.

There is figure line which combines Transformers with Disney characters, as you might know this is irresistible to me. Their logo design for the Autobot symbol was a stroke of genius.

~ kate

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Merlin Wants You (to Play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom)

One of the things I had been looking forward to much of the year was my trip to Walt Disney World in September. But that is hardly news. What’s more was the new interactive card game featured in the Magic Kingdom that I’d been reading about for over a year: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

Despite the many articles I’d read about the game, it was still a bit of a hidden treasure of the park. There were a few discreet signs pointing you in the right direction to enlist, but there wasn’t much prominent billing for the game. This of course worked in my favor as it wasn’t a crowded event in the park. Though I did keep running into the same people as I went on my card adventures through the lands.

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Ongoing Investigations: Case #137

I finished up Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6, with volume 7-17, over the course of this week. When I got into the meat of the story the chapters just flew by. At first I thought that Jolyne and company would break out of prison fairly quickly but in all actuality they spend a good deal of time inside the big house. Of course with any prison story you must have a big break out and as with any Jojo’s story post part 2 it means there will be a stand battle. Oddly enough Jolyne’s escape is more Memento than The Great Escape. The most surprising part of this arc is who lives and who dies in this part of the series. Jojo’s is pretty good at not flinching when it comes to killing characters. Heroes and villains die with equal ease. After Hirohiko Araki kills the protagonist after part 1 you assume all bets are off but Stone Ocean takes it to a new level. You have to give it to Enrico Pucci for being the most credible villains since Dio (not than anyone has come off as a pushover before then). Foo Fighters has easily become my favorite character in the series so far. Jojo’s is a series with some very strange characters but Foo Fighters is near the top of the list. She is great fun and another awesome supporting character in a line of greats for the series. This is a grand and glorious ending the what can be seen as a complete cycle of the series. After this part the universe is literally different and completely new doors have opened up for story possibilities. I did have some revelations about the series after this part and might just do a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure survival guide article filled with tips on how to survive in the Jojo’s universe by being genre savvy.

I’ve been enjoying Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth (eps. 2-7) probably for its setting more than anything else. But still it has small enjoyable moments as bits of French culture are revealed through Yune’s experience. I wasn’t expecting a wacky princess character like Alice to show up, but probably more intriguing is her sister Camille. Her connection with Claude has yet to be fully realized but I’m very curious. Doubly so because I expected there would be a romance in the works between Claude and Yune but that may prove false.

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