Mickey the 100th Nendoroid

Mickey Mouse is classic and Japan has nearly as much of an obsession with the Disney icon as I do. In a surprising twist Good Smile company announced their 100th Nendoroid would be none other than the mouse himself. Two of my favorite things colliding, it must have been fate.

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Mickey Mouse Pook-A-Looz

First of all you may be saying, what the heck are Pook-A-Looz anyway? Also I keep wondering if it is one Pook-A-Looz or is it one Pook-A-Loo and the plural is Pook-A-Looz? In any case, they are a fairly recent stylized line from Disney mainly focused in the plushie market but have expanded into being featured on all sorts of other merchandise, too. The signature is a rather squat design with an even simpler look incorporating flatness and geometric shapes. The stitching also adds a nice touch. And even with the cool design, Mickey is still meant to be played with by kids; he is soft and squishy like a good plushie should be. There are a vast array of characters from classic Disney to The Muppets so there is no doubt I’ll be adding a few more to my collection soon.

Epcot’s Japan ups its trendy wares.

If you’ve never been to Walt Disney World’s Epcot, you are missing out, but you also may not be aware that it houses a Japan portion to its World Showcase. In this section you will find lovely architecture, food, a small museum that changes its exhibition, and a very large store. It’s one of my favorite places to head when in the park and pick up an item or two imported from Japan.

This time around I bought some trendy illustrated prints from Kaori Wakamatsu. But I had a hard time deciding on them as they were stocking so many other striking illustrations by Wakamatsu and many others featured as prints, postcards, notebooks, stationary, pens, and on bags and wallets. This was a fairly new section that has expanded much from the last time I was there. It really emphasized the “cute Japan” but still had a cool edge of design beyond staples like Hello Kitty while also striking a nice balance with the more traditional fare that takes up most of the store.