Mickey the 100th Nendoroid

Mickey Mouse is classic and Japan has nearly as much of an obsession with the Disney icon as I do. In a surprising twist Good Smile company announced their 100th Nendoroid would be none other than the mouse himself. Two of my favorite things colliding, it must have been fate.

Mickey’s proportions are different from that of a typical Nendoroid which has an extra-large head and narrow body often making it top-heavy. This change to more equal proportions is both good and bad since it loses a bit of that distinct look but adds a lot of stability. Even though he comes with a base, it is unnecessary unless you want him to be posed in a crazy fashion, perhaps doing a back-handspring is in order. His many accessories are Mickey-themed in both color and design; I love the director’s chair especially however there is no way to really pose him with it, he certainly can’t sit. I am still confused why he comes with an extra set of eyes that don’t seem to be any different from his default ones. Also while there are various hands to choose from, there is only one face and one body.

This is a really fun addition to the Nendoroid line, but I think they could have tweaked it a bit more to make it feel more like a Nenoroid options. But the trade-off was some cool accessories. I hope they make some more Disney ones!

What are you thinking?

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