Mickey Mouse Pook-A-Looz

First of all you may be saying, what the heck are Pook-A-Looz anyway? Also I keep wondering if it is one Pook-A-Looz or is it one Pook-A-Loo and the plural is Pook-A-Looz? In any case, they are a fairly recent stylized line from Disney mainly focused in the plushie market but have expanded into being featured on all sorts of other merchandise, too. The signature is a rather squat design with an even simpler look incorporating flatness and geometric shapes. The stitching also adds a nice touch. And even with the cool design, Mickey is still meant to be played with by kids; he is soft and squishy like a good plushie should be. There are a vast array of characters from classic Disney to The Muppets so there is no doubt I’ll be adding a few more to my collection soon.

What are you thinking?

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