Top 10 Type-Moon Items I Would Love to See Translated – 2017 Edition

hisui_icon_4040_round Back in 2012 and 2015, I did posts about the Type-Moon projects I would love to see translated. The years in between then and now have been pretty awesome. While there are still several titles from the previous lists that have gone untranslated there have also had some VERY notable graduates. The translations of two Fate/Complete Material art books and Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code getting on Steam are still a little shocking. The fact that we got a near simultaneous release of Fate/Extella is equally mind-blowing. I did not even have enough time to put that on a wish list before it was announced to get an English release. The crown jewel might be the English release of Fate/Grand Order. While its potential to be a very profitable cash cow is what supports its translation it is still an extremely ambitious project. In fact, the summer release of Grand Order is what prompted me to do this new list. (And the fact that Kate is on vacation.) This year I’m going I bumped the list up to 10 because I’m also going to have some returning champions. In return, I’m also going to combine some items so there will be 10 entries with a good mix of new and old material.

Also, I wishing a bit more for officially licensed material. Back in the day Type-Moon titles were so niche it was mostly the realm of dreamers to wish for anything other than anime getting an official release. Now while the original visual novels are still a bridge too far everything else is still on the table. I still appreciate the work fans do to translate material that might otherwise go untouched but I think the officially licensed material has a greater potential for exposure.

Everything on the list has to be a full on Type-Moon project. That means as much as I would love to see a translated Red Dragon it does not get a spot on the list. Also, there has to be some easily conceivable way of seeing a translation. While I am curious to read Ice Flowers I don’t know anyone who has a copy of it. This is hardly a definitive list. There are countless things I would love to add but ten is a good start.

They are just titles that as far as I know have not been fully translated into English. If you have evidence that is not the case please send it my way. I would love to be wrong.

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Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup: Looking for Aliens, Time-travelers and Espers

This Saturday post is the weekly Type-Moon news in addition to the regular APB post on Sunday. If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on the Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup drop me a line via email or Twitter.

Fate/Sausage Party 

Grand Order

I almost always have Kate at least glance over any articles I write just to get a second set of eyes on them. She is a fairly insightful lady and while our tastes usually align we are different enough that she sees some things I would ordinarily miss. When I wrote my 12 Servants That Need To Be Added to the Fate/Stay Night Universe post I also had it look it over. While Kate might not have any real insight into the Nasuverse and Type-Moon characters she is enough of an aficionado of history and mythology that any comments she has are extremely valuable. While she generally liked the list she did have one major comment. There were hardly any women among my picks.

I thought that was a fair comment and was going to write back a simple answer for that: There are so many female Servants that I wrote up mostly male Servants to even things out. There was no way for Kate to know that as she really only knows the following Servants: Saber, Gilgamesh, and … all the other ones. It seemed an open and shut case. Then I remembered an article I recently read. It said that if a room is filled with 17 percent women the men in the room think the gender balance is 50-50 and a room with 33 percent women will be seen as having more women than men. So that study made want to actually go and see what the gender balance is in the Fate universe when it comes to Servants.

As always some basic rules:

  1. I am only looking at the gender of Servants. Masters and other characters are a separate conversation that is worth having but is a greater question than what I wanted to look at here.
  2. I only used the list of fully spoiled Servants from Fate/Grand Order. There are more characters on the way but I am leaving them out for now. There are enough reveled Servants that I think they can be added to the mix.
  3. I left out some series where all the Servants have not been revealed. So I added in the original story of Fate/Strange Fake and its characters but left out the manga as there are still quite a few unrevealed Servants in that iteration.
  4. I left off the flashback Servants in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. There are a few Servants seen from the 3rd Holy Grail War in the game but they are so inconsequential that they are not really worth thinking about.
  5. Any games like Fate/Tiger Colosseum and Fate/Unlimited Codes seemed enough like side story material they were not worth factoring in. Plus they don’t really unveil any new characters.
  6. Any character with no gender or an ambiguous gender were thrown into a separate category.

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