A Spring Loaded Top 5 List

It seems that just as soon as you finish one season preview you are already looking ahead to what you are going to watch the next. Since we now do the S.W.A.T. Reviews for the new seasons I thought I would take a little time to write-up my thoughts on the upcoming seasons as a whole as opposed to the single show audio reviews we will do when the shows come out.

Since the upcoming season is the spring season it means that some of the big guns are coming out. I noticed a bit of an upsurge in the number of sci-fi shows. It is not a Renaissance but it is an interesting uptick. The return to the roots of Noitamina is sure to make many people happy. All the shows in the block this season seem to be catering to their older female audience again. Also the Nadia remaster being on TV is a fascinating curiosity. Now then I present the top 5 series I think have the greatest promise in the Spring 2012 season. As the Daily Lives of High School Boys proved this season sometimes a show you never expect to be fun will surprise you. But until the shows have a chance to prove themselves these are the horses I have decided to back.

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