A Spring Loaded Top 5 List

It seems that just as soon as you finish one season preview you are already looking ahead to what you are going to watch the next. Since we now do the S.W.A.T. Reviews for the new seasons I thought I would take a little time to write-up my thoughts on the upcoming seasons as a whole as opposed to the single show audio reviews we will do when the shows come out.

Since the upcoming season is the spring season it means that some of the big guns are coming out. I noticed a bit of an upsurge in the number of sci-fi shows. It is not a Renaissance but it is an interesting uptick. The return to the roots of Noitamina is sure to make many people happy. All the shows in the block this season seem to be catering to their older female audience again. Also the Nadia remaster being on TV is a fascinating curiosity. Now then I present the top 5 series I think have the greatest promise in the Spring 2012 season. As the Daily Lives of High School Boys proved this season sometimes a show you never expect to be fun will surprise you. But until the shows have a chance to prove themselves these are the horses I have decided to back.

5. Ozuma

This is a series that mostly sells itself on its pedigree. Ozuma is written by Leiji Matsumoto so you know it will be filled the romantic world of being a man’s man in space. Ryosuke Takahashi at the wheel means we will either get something amazingly entertaining like GaoGaiGar and Votoms or something intensely boring like Gasaraki. No matter what this will not be mediocre.

4. Space Brothers

It is based on an award-winning seinen manga. Space Brothers seems more on the relationship drama side of hard sci-fi space travel anime like Planetes as opposed to the dad fiction story of Moonlight Mile. I think this one will probably get a small but vocal fan following among the older anime fans in the US. I know Ed Chavez give the manga it is based on a big thumbs up.

3. Sakamichi No Apollon

If Ozuma has a strong pedigree than this show has a divine parentage. It is based on an award-winning josei manga, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, and it has music by Yoko Kanno. While it could all go horrible wrong it would almost have to try to sabotage itself to be less than enjoyable.

2. Eureka Seven: AO

While I loved Eureka Seven I did feel that it ended slightly abruptly. So this is another chance to see a world that has been radically altered by the Second Summer of Love. I was a little burnt by the Eureka Seven movie so I am going in cautiously optimistic. So far the first manga chapter I read makes me think that they understand what made the first series work while also realizing that they need to put a new spin on the story.

1. Fate/Zero Part 2

Saber in a suit on a motorcycle. Duh.


4 thoughts on “A Spring Loaded Top 5 List

  1. Hums says:

    I wouldn’t bank on E7AO at all. Bones has continuasly refused to release the name of the head writer which is really worrying since it’s doubtful Dai Sato is returning since he too was burnt on the movie.

    Also Leiji Matsumoto isn’t writing Ozma. Ozma is just a concept he created and never did anything with. Looking at the official site Junki Takegami is doing the writing.

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