Fujoshi Dossier Co-Conspirator

Anyone who has visited Ogiue Maniax will quickly realize that Carl is quite infatuated with Chika Ogiue. As Ogiue is a fujoshi she acted as a gateway into Carl’s interest in fujoshi characters in anime and manga. So he started writing a series of posted called the Fujoshi Files where he profiles various yaoi obsessed characters. I recently mentioned to Carl that he should add Patty Crew to the files as she is a fairly high level fujoshi from Zettai Karen Children. After Carl read the manga he agreed that she deserved a place in the hallowed halls of women who are BL fanatics. If you want to see what evil I unleashed on this world you can see what Carl wrote about her on his site.

For the record my favorite character from Zettai Karen Children is Shiho Sannomiya.

The Fujoshi Files 31: Patty Crew


Shinobu Miyake: Otoko nan te!!!

Carl at Ogiue Maniax is currently running a contest to win a copy of Galaxy Express 999 and Adieu Galaxy Express 999. I decided that I would make today’s post my entry into the contest. I sadly don’t talk about Rumiko Takahashi or Urusei Yatsura nearly as much as I should. Bu this contest gives me a chance to talk about one of my favorite anime characters. One that I normally don’t talk nearly enough about. I have loved Shinobu Miyake since my early in my fandom. She is fascinating character study and noteworthy in several respects outside of the scope of this post. But for now let me answer a question about growing up.

What is your favorite example in anime/manga of a character growing up, whether literally or figuratively, and why?

Rumiko Takahashi is rather infamous for creating great characters with huge personality quirks and then running them though hundreds of different scenarios as their signature shtick plays off of each new situation. For this to work the characters largely have to remain the same loveable jerks they are when they are introduced who never learn from their experiences. But I think there is one character who very clearly goes through a strong character arc over the course of Urusei Yatsura. That character is Shinobu Miyake.

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Crime Scene Investigations #002: Otakon 2011

This is a bonus segment of the Speakeasy Podcast we like to call Crime Scene Investigations. These are random bonus podcasts that we record live from various events. There is no regular schedule for these. We will put them up as quickly as we can when the opportunity for one occurs. We suspect they will mostly be from conventions but we might work in some interviews and conversation from NY events as fate allows.

In this edition of Crime Scene Investigations, we talk about our experiences on Friday at Otakon 2011 with Basil and Kevin of the OSMcastPatz from Insert-Disc and Podlabor, and Carl from Ogiue Maniax. There is discussion of the Otakon Game Show, Angel ScandySMakoto Shinkai, Masao Maruyama, CLAMP, Remembering Satoshi Kon, and Art of Akira. Of course we discuss memes, sandwiches, and the little things we both love and hate at the convention. By the way check out the transformation of opinion over the Ice Cold Water guy from this to this.

Crime Scene Investigations #002 – Otakon 2011