Fujoshi Dossier Co-Conspirator

Anyone who has visited Ogiue Maniax will quickly realize that Carl is quite infatuated with Chika Ogiue. As Ogiue is a fujoshi she acted as a gateway into Carl’s interest in fujoshi characters in anime and manga. So he started writing a series of posted called the Fujoshi Files where he profiles various yaoi obsessed characters. I recently mentioned to Carl that he should add Patty Crew to the files as she is a fairly high level fujoshi from Zettai Karen Children. After Carl read the manga he agreed that she deserved a place in the hallowed halls of women who are BL fanatics. If you want to see what evil I unleashed on this world you can see what Carl wrote about her on his site.

For the record my favorite character from Zettai Karen Children is Shiho Sannomiya.

The Fujoshi Files 31: Patty Crew

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