The Rose of Versailles Giveaway and The Case of the Missing Interview

It still feels a little unreal to have The Rose of Versailles legally on DVD as well as streaming online in English. It was one of the last big White Whale titles still out there. As a seminal work in shojo, as well as anime in general, it is an important title for anyone interested in the history of the medium. It has shaped countless titles since its release and become a fixture in consciousness of fandom. If you aren’t interested in the history of the medium, it is still a damn good show.

For the poor uneducated and unfortunate souls who have not watched this series yet, we have a chance for them to correct that error. All you have to do is answer a simple question for a chance to win.

But first, a minor point of modern history.

The Case of the Missing Interview

You may remember a while back we posted the questions we’d love to ask Riyoko Ikeda. At that time, Right Stuf along with Anime News Network were asking for submissions for a special bonus feature to be included with the U.S. release of The Rose of Versailles on DVD. What a rare opportunity indeed! Apparently, it was too good to be true.

Perhaps they were hoping we’d all be too overjoyed to receive our copies of The Rose of Versailles to notice this missing piece. And believe us, if we hadn’t written a post about that very interview, we probably wouldn’t have chalked it up to wishful thinking on our parts. But the internet remembers (unless it is in its best interest not to)!

Indeed, this does not sully the wondrous beauty that is this release of The Rose of Versailles, but we can’t deny having just a smidgen of disappointment to not have those burning questions (even if they didn’t pick any of ours) answered.


We have both boxsets of The Rose of Versailles looking for a good home.

Just leave us a comment telling us your favorite historical setting for stories!

Entries are due by Saturday, August 3rd. The winner will be notified on Sunday, August 4th. U.S. residents only.

6 Lessons from The Rose of Versailles

We dreamed the impossible dream: someone licensing  The Rose of Versailles. But against all odds that dream came true. If you remember back in October, we submitted some questions to Riyoko Ikeda when the series was licensed by Nozomi Entertainment and even posted our questions in celebration of the announcement. Now that the first DVD set is out we’ve decided to remind you to picked them up.

The Rose of Versailles is more than just one of the seminal shojo series that has shaped countless titles. It is also a wonderous and unique life manual filled with universal truisms and precautionary tales for any age.

Oh. Watch out. We so have some major spoilers for the series beyond the death of historical characters whose deaths should be shocking to no one.

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5 Questions for Riyoko Ikeda

Are you ready for a miracle?  For the longest time the conventional wisdom was there were a handful of titles that were popular but would never be licensed. They are either too long, too old, too obscure, or just have legal entanglements that will very prevent them from coming out legitimately in English. But every once in a while out of nowhere there is a breakthrough that lets fandom cross an otherwise impossible dream off the list. Someone is able to cut through the red tape and take a chance on a show that has vocal support.

The Rose of Versailles has long since been one of those titles that fandom has craved but could never have legitimately. It is amazingly influential on shojo manga and Japanese entertainment in general. Its influences on Revolutionary Girl Utena are unmistakable but it also influenced countless other series. While Princess Knight originated the idea of cross dressing girls in manga it was the The Rose of Versailles that solidified so much of the pattern of a woman being brought up as a man. Fandom has long asked for a legitimate release of this classic but whenever it would be brought up around licensing companies various stories were told but the answer was always the same. Everyone would love to license it but various factors keep it from getting released. The conventional wisdom was a mixture of price and unusual demands from the manga-ka blocked both the anime and the manga.

But recently Nozomi Entertainment proved they are the Mu La Flaga of anime licensing by making the impossible possible. By hook or by crook they found a way to license the anime and it is coming out next year. In fact it will even be streaming on Viki in December. But that is not the only think to look forward to.

As the apocryphal tale goes one of the biggest barriers to licensing the anime was Riyoko Ikeda, the original author of the manga. The stories were always different on why she was an obstacle to the anime being released but as it turn out she is not impossible to work with. In fact the Right Stuf is currently taking submissions for questions to ask Ms. Ikeda. If it is anything like their previous releases the best questions and Ms. Ikeda’s answers will be extras for the release.

With that in mind, we have made a list of 5 questions for Ms. Ikeda but before we send them off we decided to share them.

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