6 Lessons from The Rose of Versailles

We dreamed the impossible dream: someone licensing  The Rose of Versailles. But against all odds that dream came true. If you remember back in October, we submitted some questions to Riyoko Ikeda when the series was licensed by Nozomi Entertainment and even posted our questions in celebration of the announcement. Now that the first DVD set is out we’ve decided to remind you to picked them up.

The Rose of Versailles is more than just one of the seminal shojo series that has shaped countless titles. It is also a wonderous and unique life manual filled with universal truisms and precautionary tales for any age.

Oh. Watch out. We so have some major spoilers for the series beyond the death of historical characters whose deaths should be shocking to no one.

How to Start a Revolution

First, be the Duke du Orleans because apparently if you are him, you can plot every moment of a revolution (in ways that would impress Madame Defarge). Second, hire Count Evilmoustache to shoot some innocent women and children in the back.

Watch out for others who might try to hijack your revolution like Saint-Just, that guy is wack! Robespierre you say? Oh well, he’s got nothing on your badness Duke du Orleans.

The Best Man is a Woman

Oscar is the most brave, most noble, most loyal, most beautiful, and most bestest person in revolutionary France. No mere mortal could compete be they man or woman. Oscar could be the counterbalance to Guts, like Griffith expect ya know without all the creepy weirdness.

Child Bearing Years Don’t Matter, Just Skip ‘Em

No one wants to hear about all that! It isn’t as if those children are probably a product of your life long affair or anything.

People Who Give You Diamonds Aren’t a Girl’s Best Friend

That darn necklace that Louis XV had made for Madame du Barry just brought misery and shame on everyone whose lives it touched. It quickly becomes a tool for Jeanne’s large-scale con job, revenge scheme, and plot to out Marie as a closet lesbian. But don’t worry the Duke du Orleans eventually finds a way to get involved at the end; he always goes where the evil is.

Flirting with the Main Character Can Get You Killed

Oscar is just too noble for your base and filthy desires therefore anyone who gets too close to her is stuck down by the angry wrath of the gods (aka as the editors at Margaret). Just look at the victims: the fate of Marie Antoinette is a matter of historical record; they go out of their way in the epilogue to mention what a gruesome death Axel von Fersen has; and André Grandier has to die the day after he sleeps with Oscar.

Rosalie Lamorlière got what was coming to her for her arrogance in trying to court Oscar. While she does not die literally, she does figuratively, as she does pretty much get cut out of the series and reduced to cameo appearances. Like Icarus she tried to fly too high and came crash down due to her hubris. She should have stuck to being interested in side characters like Bernard Chatelet from the beginning.

Alain is a Boy’s Name

As someone on this blog has had problems their whole life because of that name, we just wanted to point out this fact. Alain de Soissons is a cool cat, isn’t it grand?

Sorry Kamille has never has been and never will be a man’s name.

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