Top 5 Type-Moon Items I Would Love to See Translated

While the community that subs Type-Moon titles is fairly active there is enough Type-Moon material that any hardcore fan will always be left wanting something. While I am very appreciative that we have things like Kagetsu Tohya and Fate/Zero there is still a good deal of material out there I would love to read. I tried to pick the top 5 things I am most interested in reading in English. I won’t swear that everything on this list has not been translated into English. They are just titles that as far as I know have not been fully translated into English. If you have evidence that is not the case please send it my way. I would love to be wrong.

Everything on the list has to be a full on Type-Moon project. That means as much as I would love to see a translated Red Dragon it does not get a spot on the list. Also there has to be some easily conceivable way of seeing a translation. While I am curious to read Ice Flowers I don’t know anyone who has a copy of it. This is hardly a definitive list. There are countless things I would love to add but five is a good start.

This could also be seen as a bit of a test run for a bigger project but I will reveal that a bit farther down the road.

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