Top 5 Type-Moon Items I Would Love to See Translated

While the community that subs Type-Moon titles is fairly active there is enough Type-Moon material that any hardcore fan will always be left wanting something. While I am very appreciative that we have things like Kagetsu Tohya and Fate/Zero there is still a good deal of material out there I would love to read. I tried to pick the top 5 things I am most interested in reading in English. I won’t swear that everything on this list has not been translated into English. They are just titles that as far as I know have not been fully translated into English. If you have evidence that is not the case please send it my way. I would love to be wrong.

Everything on the list has to be a full on Type-Moon project. That means as much as I would love to see a translated Red Dragon it does not get a spot on the list. Also there has to be some easily conceivable way of seeing a translation. While I am curious to read Ice Flowers I don’t know anyone who has a copy of it. This is hardly a definitive list. There are countless things I would love to add but five is a good start.

This could also be seen as a bit of a test run for a bigger project but I will reveal that a bit farther down the road.

5. The Decoration Disorder Disconnection novels

DDD is set of two novels written by Nasu for Faust magazine. I remember when there was almost no information in English about this series other than the fact that it existed. While there is certainly more information about it now I would still like to read the whole thing, preferably with a professional translation. It is something that I would love to see licensed but light novels have never sold particularly well in the US.  If nothing else I want to know if it is officially part of the rest of the Nasuverse. I know that Nasu has talked about continuing the series but book three is firmly on the back burner for now. Hopefully I will be able to read the first two books before the third one comes out.

4. Anything from the Type-Moon Mobile Site

The Type-Moon Mobile Site is an odd little addition to the Nasuverse. It has a trio of mascot characters who work at the Ahnenerbe Cafe who  interact with all the characters from the rest of the Nasuverse. They are another group of characters that I know exist but I know little about them other than a few conversations I have had with Japanese fans. Chikagi Katsuragi and Hibiki Hibino seem to get a reasonably strong amount of merchandise as well as a drama CDs so someone must like them. I want to know why.

3. The Fate/Extra Videos from Type-Moon Ace Vol. 6

In order to promote Fate/Extra the official Type-Moon magazine had a bonus CD with silly Fate/Extra videos. From what I have seen of them the look pretty hysterical. I know the general gist of the plot but I think they could easily be fan subbed without too much effort.

2. Type-Moon Professional Wrestling League

This was just a April Fools gag but it was an amazing April Fools gag. I mean it just seems so very right. I know the Japanese love making anime characters in games where you can customize your wrestler. So I can’t see why this did not catch on like the Magical Girl April Fools gag? Plus maybe some increased interest in this might get us some nice figures out of the deal. Who does not want a Taiga Mask figure?

1. Fate/Hollow Ataraxia and Mahou Tsukai no Yoru

Look. I know people are working on these two visual novels. I am cheering them on. But the sooner they come out the happier I will be. With these two translated we will have all the Type-Moon Visual Novels in English (for now).

It is very clear that any and all of the continuing adventures of Saber are very important to me. Also finally reading about Bazett Fraga McRemitz is critically important to me. She just seems like such a fun character and a great addition to the Fate cast. Also the more sexy women in suits the better.

In many ways Mahou Tsukai no Yoru is where the Nasuverse proper began. We only got glimpses of who Aoko Aozaki is until now but she has always been a fascinating character. I can’t wait to dig in and learn more about her. I am curious to see what Type-Moon can do without having to worry about fitting in sex scenes.


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