Macross 7 Dynamtie, Valkyries have two modes, manual and guitar.

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere!

Somethings once seen cannot be unseen. Macross 7 was so popular it got 2 sets of OAVs. All iterations of the Macross 7 anime have the same over the top ridiculous vibe. Macross 7 Dynamite is a little bit different. That is not an easy task.

Macross 7 Dynamite was so weird (even weirder than what we’ve come to expect from Macross 7) that it warranted having its own article.

Macross 7 Dynamite takes place after the original TV series. Basara decides for no reason that is ever adequately explained to run off to the planet Zola. There he finds space poachers who are after space whales to make a tidy profit. Basara being Basara decides that J-Rocking with the power of all the gods of rock is the only way to save the whales. While trying to save them Basara befriends a Mylene substitute who is not related to Mylene. Elma, our Mylene substitute has a father who is also trying to hunt the main white space whale and a sister who is part of the police force trying to stop the poachers. Can Basara save the whales, stop the poachers, sooth Elma’s father’s tortured soul, and play Planet Dance one more time? Only time will tell.

It is a comfort to know that no matter where Basara ends up in the galaxy he will always find the same things. He will always find women who want his body; he will always find something that can only be saved by singing; and he will always find a valkyrie that works with a guitar. Shoo, boy do I feel safer! And I don’t know why they even bothered putting Mylene, Ray, Veffidas, and Gamlin in this. It was kind of sad, I guess they were worried about the 10 people that like these characters being upset.

It might seem like I am joking about Elma being a Mylene substitute but it is serious business. Just look at the two of them side by side and tell me you don’t see a similarity. If at the end Mylene popped in and commented how Barsara found another of her sisters I would not be shocked. Mylene and Elma both even have furry little mascot animals that follow them around.

Elma was creeping me out because she looks even more underage than Mylene! We don’t need that! She was also our somewhat singing replacement and of course she knows all the Fire Bomber songs. Oh yeah and Elma’s dad is a really scary looking dude that is trying to fulfill the psuedo-Moby Dick storyline of this strange OAV.

There is obviously supposed to be a Moby Dick theme. We have the White Whale that everyone is after. Elma’s father has a distinctly Ahab look and is obsessed with killing the whale to the point of his own destruction. All of the dad’s equipment also has an extremely nautical feel to it. The things is it’s all window dressing. This is Macross 7. It’s never going to be that deep. Beyond the superficial trappings the Moby Dick themes are mostly there to give a little structure to what would otherwise be insanity. It’s been about a decade and a half since I read Moby Dick but I don’t remember Ishmael rocking out on his guitar in order to stop Moby Dick and Captain Ahab from fighting.

Well to be fair, in the future all of classic literature has probably been rewritten to include rocking out. The more I think about this show the more my head hurts. There was way too much going on and way too many characters. Not that I wanted this to continue on but it was so confusing that nothing is really accomplished. Basara obviously saves the day!

The second and third episodes have some of the most WTF moments in Macross history. At one point we decide to sneak a peek at one of the other supposed main characters in Macross 7. Mylene has just finished a Basara-less concert and is invited to dinner by a big record executive. During dinner this female record executive decides to drug Myelene’s dinner so she can date rape her. WHAT!? When this turn into a hentai!? Then the third episode begins with our rapist in a teddy lighting up an afterglow cigarette. WHAT!? When this turn into something design to break your soul!?

Was it also necessary to have Elma undress and throw a naked, unconscious Basara into a magical hot spring? Was it then doubly necessary to have Basara awaken while a giant wave threatens to overwhelm Elma? Basara put the child down! Do not touch her while you are both naked! And then a naked Elma’s dad comes out of the waterfall. Is he upset that Basara is holding a naked Elma? No, no, no. Him and Basara proceed to smile at eachother knowingly. Thank you Macross 7, you will now always be remembered by me. I was so shocked by these things! It was certainly madness!

Macross 7 Dynamite’s production values were great! Maybe that is why there was so much crap going on, they just had all this money and didn’t know what to do with it. I mean Basara even changes outfits like 3 or 4 times! Heck, even Ray and Veffidas had different outfits! This is unheard of. And the opening, which was done by Gonzo, has some of the best looking sequence in the entire Macross 7 franchise. The music is just as good as the TV series, granted Try Again isn’t in it but there are loads of new tunes worthy of rocking out to.

Despite being totally bizarre (and manic) the production values on Dynamite are unquestionably OAV quality. The animation is head and shoulders above anything in the main TV series. Just look at the time and money that obviously went into creating the opening and the difference is clear. Also Dynamite is chock full of just as many catchy tunes there were in the whole TV series. I dare you not to get Dynamite Explosion stuck in your head after watching this. Heck I am listening to it as I write this. Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite Explosion Once Again!

Top 5 Most Hated Macross Characters
5. Leon Mishima (Macross Frontier)
4. Docker (Macross 7)
3. Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)
2. Lynn Kaifun (Macross)
1. Gavil (Macross 7)


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