It’s Otaku Mech Up Time!

In case you were unaware Tim Maughan recently asked if anyone could do some guests posts on his blog while he is on vacation in Thailand. We answered the call with An Absolute Beginners Guide to Mecha which helps fans start to explore mecha and also doubles as a guide for mecha fans to recruit allies as well.

Mecha can be one of the most intimidating genres of anime to randomly try to wander into. There always seems to be a sizable number of anime fans that refuse to give it a chance. We made this guide to give people a gentle road map that will educate them as well as entertain them. We did not pick the best mecha shows or the most popular necessarily but instead focused on shows that are accessible to people who have no innate affinity for robots but are curious to learn. The guide gives has six different types of beginner shows (complete with a robot level ratings!), then a selection of intermediate anime, and finally a short paragraph about great mecha shows, even revered ones, that maybe be too much for just starting into the genre. The ultimate goal is probably after watching some of these selections, by the end you might not have someone who loves mecha but you will have someone who does not run away from a show the second they see a robot. If we create some new mecha fans in the process, well, that is just icing.

We also did this article a little differently than we do here on our own blog, rather than a back and forth, it was a team effort, just to spice things up!

Guest post: Rocket Punching Straight to Your Heart
An Absolute Beginners Guide to Mecha


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