March’s Final Denouement: Heaven’s Fury and the Defense of Sakura Matou

It is no secret that I love Fate/Stay Night but there is one thing that gets my goat (to say it politely without swearing like a sailor who broke his arm.) I cannot stand people in the Type-Moon fan base who call Sakura Matou a slut. I know that it has mostly grown into a joke just like the controversy with Kannagi. This means most of the people saying it now are just doing it because they think it is funny not because they honestly care. But this whole attitude comes from a seed of true belief. There are people who brand her with the label of slut and that gets on my nerves.

I will admit that of the three main heroines of Fate/Stay Night, Sakura firmly ranks third on my list. But I find her a hard character to hate. If anything Sakura might remind me a little too much of myself for me to be anything but slightly uncomfortable about her. Our positive and negative qualities are scarily similar. But she has many traits that people who love visual novels tend to look for. She is shy, sweet, hard working, and loyal. In the normal ending of Heaven’s Feel she dies patiently waiting for Shiro to come home even though she knows that day will never come. Fans usually eat that up like chocolate, bacon, and Ambrosia flavored love. Sakura is strong with the moe side of the force which earns her points as well. And the fact that she is very buxom cannot be overlooked as well.

And yet people hate Sakura despite the fact that all signs points to her being a fan favorite. They call her a whore because her moe purity is broken when you learn she has been raped. She has been sexually assaulted for years by her brother Shinji. It is made painfully clear that Shinji has an abusive and dominating hold on her and all sexual activity between them is nonconsensual. The mere concept of blaming a rape victim for the crime committed against her angers me to no end. To punish her on top of that compounds my fury one hundred fold. While Sakura might come onto Shiro very aggressively in Heaven’s Feel I still find the accusation of her being a slut uncalled for. Since she is no longer a virgin she is no longer worth affection? Because she can be aggressive she is no longer worth affection?

People are free to dislike Sakura for any number of valid reasons. But if you hate her for being a “slut” then I feel free to dislike you. It might seem odd to get worked up about a fictional character but it is not so much the hate for the character that annoys me as much as the attitude towards women and sexuality that gets under my skin. I feel it is a sign of deeper sickness and misogyny in parts of the male anime fanbase that makes me ill. As long as it exists I will continue to complain when it rears its ugly head.

38 thoughts on “March’s Final Denouement: Heaven’s Fury and the Defense of Sakura Matou

  1. Anatole_serial says:

    Actually, that’s what I like about her character in Heaven’s Feel… How she breaks the “shy girl” stereotype by becoming more aggressive.

    But at the same time it makes you think that she’s stronger than she looks: Despite all her brother’s abuse, she still displays a strong sexuality.

    I think the people who call her a “slut” don’t know the difference between aggressive female sexuality and actual promiscuous behavior.

    Their fault, really. They’re totally missing out.

    • reversethieves says:

      Oddly enough I think her breaking out of her shell is part of the problem they have with her. By going from the safe and demure girl to an aggressive woman it instills in the haters a feeling of betrayal. Essentially they want the classic Madonna/Whore ideal but they wish to control the Madonna/Whore switch. The second the woman controls it she is a threat and therefore must be attacked. Disgusting in my opinion.

      – Hisui

  2. Sheentaku says:

    ok I hope you dont dislike me for disagreeing with you but Sakura Matou is a slut.

    She has penis worms in her body and the only reason she lives is to devor semen from men.
    She uses shadowy testicles to fight which you know was inspired by hentai.
    Her only goal is to love Shirou to get close to him for the Matous. Of course she actually falls in love with him but still a pretty seedy thing to do.
    Her move set on Fate unlimited codes is very sexual with thursting the ground for her specials
    She has the fasted sex scene in the game and basically rapes Shirou.

    Her whole character basically revolves around sex no other hobby’s or interests (archery and cooking was to get close to Shirou).

    Slut or slattern is a pejorative term meaning an individual who is sexually promiscuous. Kinda fits Sakura really.

    At the end of the day, if this character was male he would be a creepy pervert.

    Her being raped has nothing to do why I am calling her a slut, shes basically a succubus.

    Again as a fellow typemoon fan dont hate me Hisui. I LOVE YOU

    • reversethieves says:

      I see what you are saying but I just cannot agree. I feel everything you say is simply blaming the victim or punishing initiative. When the guy is the aggressor or active he is manly. When the woman does it she is a manipulative whore.

      Also I thought it was clear that Sakura was interested in Shirou from the exact same incident that made Rin interested in him as well. The only thing was Sakura went out of her way to make a connection to Shiro but Rin did not. So taking up hobbies to get closer to someone you care for is now the mark of loose morals? You have to play the part of the distant ice queen to remain “pure”?

      Also I hardly remember Shiro crying into his pillow that Sakura had taken his innocence. He was a little weird out by her aggressiveness as it was not how he usually thought of her but he was always a willing participant. She played the “I have a stellar body” card and he did not decline it.

      Also I played Fate/Stay Night back in 2008 so maybe I am remembering it wrong but I thought that Zoken and Shinji wanted Sakura to have nothing to do with Shiro.

      I still see it as this fear and aversion of any woman who is sexually aggressive.

      – Hisui

    • Jdidhd says:

      Honestly when I think of Sakura I feel the same way I do after reading anything ntr. The thought of a person who has tons of sex with someone they don’t have feelings for just because it feels good sickens me, literally. I don’t know about you guys but if Somone told me that they have tons of continuous sex with a guy that raped her and still really enjoyed it, on top of having thousands of penis like worms inside of her I’d call her a slut. . So sorry to rain on your parade folks but yeah she’s a slut, whore, how, or whatever you want to call it. Either way it all means the same thing.

      • Cherry Lover says:

        I don’t know where you get the idea that she willingly had sex with Shinji from, because she *didn’t*. Shinji raped her.

        And, frankly, if you’re arguing that getting aroused from having sex when someone pumps aphrodisiac into your body (which is effectively what the worms do) is a slut, then a) every woman (and man) on the planet is a slut and b) you’re a misogynistic prick.

  3. Stringed says:

    Ugh, this type of crap is utter nonsense, and it pisses me off, too. In fact, any time I hear an anime fan say a female character is slut, I usually want to punch them, because it usually is completely illogical. For example, how is Mio from K-ON a slut? I know we disagree on the value K-ON has as a show, but I’m sure we can agree that “slut” is one of the most absurd things to label Mio as, considering she doesn’t display a sexual side at all, and there isn’t a single male character in K-ON.

    The fact that some Fate/Stay Night fans out there consider Sakura to be a slut is bad enough. The fact that it’s not anywhere near limited to her, and that anime fans out there want to call any female character that’s had any form of sexual experience, wanted or not, a slut is even worse.

    In short, some male anime fans need to grow up and quit whining when a female character has had more sex than they have.

    • reversethieves says:

      I want to believe that calling Mio a slut is some form to trolling but … why. I … have no answers. Only a mixture of bewilderment and outrage. And some sadness.

      – Hisui

  4. Sheentaku says:

    Zoken basically planted Sakura as a means of Controlling Shiro and to find out his movements as he was the son of a great magi.
    The only reason Sakura made a connection to Shiro was due to Zoken.

    What i mean is Sakura entire being is Shiro, to her its all that matters. I liken Sakura to Ciel senpai from Tsukihime, both were abused and aint “pure” but Ciel to me comes off as a likeable character. The most interesting thing about Sakura is that she is Riders master.

    I never hated Sakura but I did feel her to be manipulative and creepy and very loose.

    • reversethieves says:

      Let us just agree that no matter what Kirei Kotomine is the creepiest character in Fate/stay night by leaps and bounds.

      Also I had forgotten that “Why is XXXX is such a slut?” has become such a random meme after “Why is Sakura (Matou) such a slut?” became “Why is Yuki (Nagato) such a slut?” and then various other girls filling the XXXX as times goes on.

      – Hisui

  5. Jeff says:

    I’ve always been really uncomfortable with how Sakura was portayed in F/SN. She’s a victim of repeated, constant emotional and physical abuse, and setting aside all the lust worm shit, Sakura is the only one of the girls Shirou can enter a relationship with who actually seems to ENJOY physical lovemaking. She’s certainly the only one who ever takes the initiative for more than five minutes (hello, Saber). I can’t say I’m particularly surprised that a sex-driven fantasy story is misogynistic, especially not after the scene in Tsukihime where Arcueid apologizes when Shiki loses control and tries to rape her, but it’s pretty disgusting to see people like Sheentaku dismiss the character as a “slut.”

  6. Sub says:

    Whoa, Jeff. Let’s not forget the part where Arc explains that she has an amazing power: her magic eyes make any man who looks into them instantly want to rape her.

    Did Koike ever do a story like that? I wonder!

    • reversethieves says:

      I love my main man Kinoko Nasu and all but yeah the sexual politics in his games can be very … anyway. If the woman is eager then she is a monster. Really Japan? …. Why do you have to be that way?


      All woman have that magical power in Koike works.

      – Hisui

  7. Vampt Vo says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I find that arguing like this about a character seems to miss the greater perspective of artist/writer intent. I often see people argue that characters don’t “deserve” certain descriptors, but I can’t bring myself to see a fictional character in a way in which they “deserve” anything.

    I guess it’s just the way I personally look at characters. I judge them based on how believable they are and what interesting things the writers do with them, but I don’t have any concern for whether they “deserve” my judgement or not. The best way to describe it might be that I am really judging the writers, not the characters themselves.

    • reversethieves says:

      @Vampt Vo
      Well lets put it this way. What if I said, “Golgo 13 is a coward. He snipes people which is the mark of a chicken. A real man would fight his targets mano y mano.” You would think me crazy and have a laundry list of reason why Golgo is anything but a wimp. I feel that is my same argument. A value judgment has been made on a character that I feel the text does not support. I am standing up for that character.

      – Hisui

  8. Altimaofthegates says:

    Unlimited Blade Works was fucking epic and I wondered how HF could possibly be better.

    The setting was perfect.

    Dark themes, the mighty falls easily (gil), allies become enemies (drk saber lol) and the clear evidence that this route would have an EPIC ending.

    I didn’t initially dislike anything in HF.

    But the only problem was Sakura. You see, she’s not exactly a slut, she just has very strong urges to have sex caused by penises inside her body.

    The fights in HF were great, but the seemingly heart warming and comic relief scenes involving Sakura are very dull and made me feel empty. Especially the scene where she asks Shirou if they had sex because Rin touched him. That almost made me almost vomit, but I did laugh when Tohsaka tells her “so what??” before the final fight.

    Note that Sakura is NOT the most tragic character in f/sn. Remember the orphans from fate? Yeah, they had their life drained out of them ever since they were Sakura’s age. They could not see, talk, walk, eat or anything. Shirou even experience their pain for about 10~20 minutes (and it was very, very fking painful) whereas they had to live with it for 10 years.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Sakura was raped. It was sex. S-E-X. Sex feels really, really good and she probably got used to it after a while. Her past is filled with pleasure so it’s not exactly THAT tragic, maybe as tragic as a dead cat, not more, not less.

    There are obviously other haters and they possibly agree with me. The problem here is that they have NOTHING to RAGE over. Shinji dies, Zouken dies and everyone/thing rage worthy is dealt with, with the exception of Sakura. So they call her a slut and whatnot(also what Sheentaku said about her)


    Shinji had a good reason to become an asshole and I actually pity him (though I hated him in fate), but Sakura had no reason to become a psycho-bitch slut because she got everything she ever dreamed of before turning dark. (note that she’s the one who said so, not me).

    Also, to everyone who wanted to break their monitors when they read Bad End 40, please think of it this way: Shirou gets what he deserves for protecting a slut, Tohsaka can kill herself at anytime, Sakura will cry forever once she realizes she will be alone for all eternity (shadow will expand and Angra Maniyu wont let her die :D) and Kotomine will get the lolz out of everything in the end.

    • Altima of the Gates says:

      Hmm. It is very odd that I would actually have someone impersonate me, but it isn’t surprising I guess, me being a Sakura-lover after all.

      The real McCoy here, admin from BL.
      Quite frankly this trolling idiot here missed quite a lot of points.

      Sakura wasn’t just raped, she was abused, her food poisoned, made to almost suffocate under Zouken’s worms and violated by them in the name of ‘training’ in a basement of rotting corpses since the age of four. Sure, we can say the orphans had it worse, but that doesn’t diminish her suffering by any means. You don’t talk about women who were raped by their fathers and made to have their children, imprisoned in a basement, and then go, “well at least they aren’t the babies in Africa who were raped and killed”. Both tragedies shouldn’t have happened, and both deserve sympathy.

      Also, people seem to conveniently put out of their minds what exactly she is going through in HF. Besides the horrific past abuse, as Servants are killed, she absorbs them and it destabilizes her mind and soul with each one, plus as she functioned as a Lesser Grail, she got more connected to Angra Mainyu, which greatly increased whatever negative emotions were in her heart, breaking her further. This piled onto the fact that her sister Rin, who, despite what people like to believe she loves deeply, hurt her more by all the “I’m gonna kill you” talk. Sakura tells Shirou that she can see through Rin’s tsundereness, but it without a doubt hurt her throughout the route. Plus the Shinji stuff.

      She actually pities him, despite what he has done, because she feels responsible for ruining his dream. She turned dark because she had killed him, because she couldn’t take the fact that she had unwittingly ended his life as tried to rape her. She thought herself a monster, and if she was a monster, there was no going back. At that point she was broken and Shirou himself said he should have genuinely sat down and talked with her in that skirmish in the yard, because he could see something was wrong. She couldn’t forgive herself for killing Shinji, so she just let it all go. Look carefully when she castigates herself in the scene after she kills Shinji, when she talks about the people “she” killed. Obviously, she did not kill them herself and we know for a fact that AM is working through her. Nasu is wonderful for his unreliable narrators, and people get the wrong impressions from Sakura due to them. Think about what Angra Mainyu’s curse does, it both makes the person cursed want to commit all evil, and on the reverse, want them to repent of all evil, to accept all sin. Think carefully on that. I won’t ever be convinced that she herself willed to kill anyone with this information backing me up.

      It was the amalgamation of everything that broke her down, something neither Saber or Rin could have withstood in her place.
      So like Shirou, one should look a little harder before labeling her as evil or corrupt in nature. She wasn’t, but all that happened in HF made it exceedingly easy to label her as such. She is strong, not of fist, but of the heart.

      And that’s my two cents.

      _ The ‘REAL’ Altima of the Gates

      • Rho Aius says:

        This is why I hate Sakura/Sakura fans. They all portray Sakura as a victim and fanatically defend her and saying shit like “OMG RIN OR SABER WOULD BREAK FROM ONE DAY BUT NOT SAKURA! CUZ SHE’S SO STRONG LOLOLOLOLOL”

        She’s a god damn 2D character. If you feel pity for a 2D character then your way out of touch with the real world.


        First, second, third and fourth paragraph describe everything that’s faulty with her. No one cares she was raped/abused, no one cares how much sperm/poison she swallowed, no one cares about her emotional break down and most all of, no one ever labeled her as evil.

        They hate her due to the disappointment they received in HF. (I know I do)


        Nasu sucks at writing tragedy and Heaven’s Feel is proof. I stared at the screen with the most mundane look on my face before saying “….And?” every time some ‘tragic’ about Sakura’s fate was revealed.

        The only time I ever pitied Sakura was when I read fate/zero. The writer for that book is superior to Nasu in every way.

      • Altimaofthegates says:

        I don’t even know you and this name isn’t even mine. I saw on some threads on the net and I liked it so i used it. End of story.

        It doesn’t give me any benefit and people won’t treat me with respect just because I have this name. I just liked the name and I used it, end of story.

        If I upset you by using your nickname then I apologize, but I apologize for nothing else.

      • BobWilder says:


        I never impersonated you. I saw your name on different sites, l liked it and started using it. It doesn’t give me respect, it doesn’t give me honor and it doesn’t do anything – it’s just a name.

        I’m pretty sure you don’t have a copyright claim on that name, but if I did upset you by using it then I apologize, but I apologize for nothing else.

        Also “trolling”

        How is posting my opinion trolling? Anything against Sakura is considered trolling now?

        Did you mean the part about SEX was both trolling and idiotic? Well once I see your point of view it does seem like mine was false, but that’s due to lack of intensive knowledge about Sakura and I just recently finished HF so my posts might be too biased right now.

      • reversethieves says:

        I have always thought that Sakura committed some pretty reprehensible acts but that was the point of the whole scenario. Can you forgive someone who has done horrible things becuase they are a good person down deep? Will you give up on saving everyone to save one person if you love them? Where is the point were you have to give up on your dreams to make new ones? This question are only importnat if Sakura has done terrible things and is the main crux of Heaven’s Feel. They also make her much a much richer and morally complex character.

        – Hisui

      • Cherry Lover says:

        Well, it depends somewhat on your point of view. Whilst the shadow kills many innocent people, Sakura is not in control of it, and is not aware of its actions, so it’s dubious to call her “responsible”. And, as Dark Sakura, not only is she totally insane, but she doesn’t actually kill anyone (excluding Zouken, Shinji and Kotomine, who all thoroughly deserve it).

        However, it is still the case that she ‘did’ these things, even if she bears no real responsibility for them, and it’s clear that she feels guilty for it (although she *really* shouldn’t). However, regardless of that, the other two questions still apply. Even though Sakura is not responsible for her actions, she still needed to be saved from her own dark side, and that still potentially endangered others. So, those questions are still somewhat valid (except maybe the first) even though she’s not really responsible.

        Also, it’s clear that, even though I personally don’t see any reason to blame her for anything, Nasu himself *does* seem to hold her at least partially responsible, even though he clearly considers her to be entirely forgiveable and to quite clearly be a good person. Possibly it’s a case of cultural differences, with Japan being less inclined to allow insanity or, indeed, non-awareness of your actions to be considered a defense for ‘crimes’ you committed.

    • Bahamas says:

      It is indeed very odd that someone would impersonate this admin, but it isn’t surprising I guess, with him wanting to really, really, FUCK sakura you guys.
      Anon here, just a surfer from the web.
      Quite frankly this trolling idiot completely derailed this talk into a ‘omg sakura!’ discussion when the original question was ‘why is she being called a slut.’
      “Sakura wasn’t just raped…the age of four” (I loled at ‘the age of four’ for some reason)
      This is true, however, I find it ironic that Zouken still suffered more than sakura did (500 years). Hell, Archer suffered the most considering how his suffering is continuing for all eternity. Do I see people screaming ‘omg zouken! Omg archer! Hurr durr lets derail threads everywhere!’? No. Why? Because those people are reasonable and not as retarded as say, a great majority of sakura’s fanbase whom supposedly only like her for her breasts.

      “So like Shirou, one should look a little harder before labeling her as evil or corrupt in nature. She wasn’t, but all that happened in HF made it exceedingly easy to label her as such.”
      No one called her evil, no one called her corrupt. People are calling her a fucking SLUT which she is. The question was why is she being called a slut, not ‘can someone give me a Sakura 101 plz??!’
      I don’t know who started this game, I don’t know why they even did this, I’m just grateful that they did.
      And that’s my two cents.

      “Their fault, really. They’re totally missing out.”
      We’re missing out on like a whore? Damn, you have shit tastes man.
      “And yet people hate Sakura despite the fact that all signs points to her being a fan favorite.”

      Oh god, give me one day to laugh my ass off before responding to you, please!

      • Cherry Lover says:

        You know, before you comment on things like this, perhaps you should go and buy yourself a dictionary and look up the word “slut”. If it says “lovely young girl with an artifically-heightened sex drive who gets repeatedly raped and abused and, once freed, has lots of sex with her beloved boyfriend”, then I guess Sakura fits it. However, I imagine you’ll find that it says something like “someone who has sex with lots of guys”. Sakura only ever has consensual sex with one guy. So, unless you are holding the fact that she was repeatedly raped by Shinji against her, then she quite simply does not fit the definition.

  9. Reo says:

    It’s too sad to know she’s being raped. I don’t think there’s any reason for her to being called a slut.
    but it’s too hurt to know that she’s being raped, that’ll only change my feeling into pity…

  10. BnAx says:

    Matou Sakura is just a sympathy sue, her fate is so ridiculous it’s unbelievable.

    Maybe that’s why I hated her but then again that’s just me.

    @Real Altima

    Saying Sakura’s heart is stronger than Saber/Rin’s is like saying “Shirou vs Shiki. Discuss.” Unless Nasu specifically said so, I call bull on that one.


    That statement you made can be used against you in this way.

    Sure, we can say Sakura had it worse, but that doesn’t diminish Shinji’s suffering by any means. You don’t talk about people who have their hopes and childhood dreams horribly crushed (and remember this is magic we’re talking about, Shinji was beyond excited) and then go, “well at least he wasn’t violated in the name of ‘training’ in a basement of rotting corpses since the age of four”. Both tragedies shouldn’t have happened, and both deserve sympathy.

    Don’t expect Haters to sympathize with their subject of hate when you can’t do the same.

    • Cherry Lover says:

      “Matou Sakura is just a sympathy sue, her fate is so ridiculous it’s unbelievable.”

      Just because a character is sympathetic, that doesn’t make her a sympathy sue. She has a well-written character and her situation, whilst indeed extreme, is plausible given the setting.

      “Sure, we can say Sakura had it worse, but that doesn’t diminish Shinji’s suffering by any means.”

      The difference is that Sakura’s actions were entirely justified by the situation (she went insane as a result of Angra Mainyu and the pressure of being the Grail, which is perfectly normal). Shinji’s were *not*.

      In particular, it’s hard to have sympathy for someone who takes his pain out on a girl who is going through something a hundred times *worse*. Shinji would be a sympathetic person, were it not for the fact that he takes his anger and frustration out on Sakura (who has done nothing wrong and would *gladly* switch places with him), and indeed on other innocent people.

      @Fake Altima

      The reason Altima said you were trolling is because you were using his name to post something that was the exact opposite of what he believes. In fact, when I read through this board, I thought he had already posted (which was handy, since it saved me from having to reply to some of the bullshit that Sheentaku was posting), until I saw what you had *said*.

      Since it is pretty unlikely that someone would come up with the name independently and happen to use it to post anti-Sakura comments, and since he is a well-known Sakura fan, he assumed that you were a troll who knew him from a forum and was posting under that name to troll and/or discredit him. In fact, what *seems* to have happened is that you just saw one of his posts somewhere and thought “hmm, that’s a nice name, let’s borrow it”.

      Whilst you’re right that he has no ‘right’ to exclusive use of that name, if someone who knew him were to see that post they would assume it was him posting it (as I did), which would lead to some confusion. People tend to be linked to particular internet handles, and if you borrow someone else’s you’re likely to be mistaken for them which, when you’re posting an opinion that they find rather offensive, is likely to cause problems….

    • Altima of the Gates says:


      Very true, I cannot minimize Shinji’s suffering as not being able to inherit magic. However, had he had the talent he would have been a tool anyway, so that point becomes moot. Down the road I’m sure he realized this, but was too blind in his own world to see it.

      Also, since you have diminished Sakura’s suffering as a “Sympathy Sue” you have already invalidated your point.
      Good job there.

      Also, just because her situation is unbelievable to you, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I’ve seen this argument many times, that people couldn’t wrap their minds around her suffering because it felt too unreal. Well, that could apply to pretty much all the characters. Kirei’s mindset might seem too alien, but people have no problem sympathizing with him. Same with Gil, same with Saber and her attachment to duty, same with people reviewing Rin’s conflict with being a magus and the love for her family.

      Alright, you liked the name, that is fine, although I am a bit wary that this was done completely randomly, because the irony is too funny.

    • reversethieves says:

      I have no sympathy for Shinji. His crimes are too petty and vicious for me to be sympathetic to him. He distinctly has reasons to do the things that he does. This makes him a well done character. Only poorly made villains ans do evil for evils’ sake. But having motivations does not mean I have to or want to forgive you.

      I have sympathy for Sakura and I have contempt for Shinji. That is my personal feelings but I will stick to them.

      – Hisui

  11. reversethieves says:

    @Cherry Lover
    I always saw Sakura as more partially guilty. I feel up until she kills Shinji was was somewhat aware of what was going on but was mostly in denial. She is clearly not in total control but she also seems to also be losing a battle to stay in control up until she goes pure Dark Sakura. This makes her a gray character which I found interesting. But there was clearly enough that was good in her that she was worthy of redemption.

    It is all a matter of interpretation of her character. I don’t think your interpretation is more or less right than mine. It is all who you wish to read to which read the text. I find fascinating and the one real appeals of Type-Moon works.

    – Hisui

    • Cherry Lover says:

      Well, she’s partially aware of it, perhaps, but she sees it as just being a dream, until the last scene (she even says as much when she’s being attacked by Gil). Furthermore, her mind is breaking down *totally* towards the end of the route, due to the combination of Angra Mainyu and the fact that she is a Grail (and, even *Ilya* can’t maintain her normal human functions fully when she has that many souls in her). She barely even knows who she is, so she can hardly be blamed for not working out what is going on.

      There is relatively little grey in Sakura. She’s not perfect, no, and she has human flaws like anyone else, but she’s a *hell* of a lot nicer than you’d expect given what she’s been through. Really, she’s a very good person. *Too* good, in fact, as is shown by her willingness to forgive Shinji (a person who was not truly pure-hearted would not have actually *gone* Dark from killing Shinji, because the reason she does so is that she sees it as a personal “Moral Event Horizon”, even though it was *entirely justified* (since he was raping her at the time). Similarly, if she had a single selfish bone in her body, she would have gone to Rin or Shirou and *begged* for help, and said “to hell with the consequences”.

      She’s certainly not perfect, no. She has flaws, and she’s a well-rounded character (as are the others), but she’s no less “good” or “nice” than Rin or Saber are. She is just in a situation where it’s harder for her to demonstrate it.

  12. Luz says:

    I don’t like Sakura to be frank,but she is definitely no slut,the sex in her life prior Shiro is not her choice,it was nothing other than constant rape,those worms that make her horny all the time were forced on her,her body was transformed into a sex machine AGAINTS HER WILL,not receiving semen to her is the same as not eating for us.
    I am disgusted at reading comments saying her life wasn’t that bad anyway because sex is supose to feel good…I’ll say it because it seems some people here don’t seem to know that BEING RAPE IS TRAUMATIC,NOT PLEASURABLE.

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