Watching Dragonball Z Kai and Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s just got harder.

So a couple of weekends ago I was checking out the Saturday morning fare of cartoons. The channels were run through from Nicktoons to Cartoon Network and finally to the CW where it stopped at an episode of Dragonball Z Kai followed by back-to-back Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s episodes in a block known as “Toonzai.” TV stations nowadays always have their logos in the right corner and many more have some information running in the left corner perhaps telling you what is coming up next, etc. But I was pretty shocked when this came flying across the screen:

That bright blue wave, with a dude surfing atop it, with orange glow lines coming off him . . . not part of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s which is playing behind it. And though I didn’t capture the sound, he actually yells “TOONZAAAAI!!” as he hurtles across the screen. Let me reiterate that the show is going on when this happens, characters were talking and events were happening yet all of that is obscured by the obnoxious logo that tells me something I already know: that this is part of the Toonzai cartoon block. This happened during Dragonball Z Kai as well and I can only assume in all other shows in these timeslots. What exactly is being accomplished here that wouldn’t be if it were just in the left-hand corner of the screen without sound? The complete disregard for the audience is phenomenal.

6 thoughts on “Watching Dragonball Z Kai and Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s just got harder.

  1. relentlessflame says:

    I wonder if they are making the bugs more obnoxious as a sort of deterrent for people who might post the content online. But of course, by being this obnoxious, all they’ll do is drive more people towards piracy anyway. You could imagine that it’s someone’s idea of a great branding/marketing campaign, except I’m sure that someone else mentioned that it’s annoying as hell when it fills the screen and blocks the audio like that. Makes me think there must be some secondary reason as well, and the first thing that comes to mind these days is concerns about piracy. (Not that it makes sense even still, but yeah… I can imagine the boardroom meeting where this came up.)

  2. Phillip says:

    Reading this post, I imagine the person in charge of brand management at the CW is thinking “S%$t, I’m good at this. Where’s my super model girlfriend as a reward?”

    Whereas, I tend to think of the person in terms of branding at the CW in terms of:

    “Love. Hate.
    Hate. Love.
    Like for Mama. No?”

    “I didn’t hate my mother.
    It was an accident.”

    “It’s a very common psychosis.
    I’m seeing it every day.”

  3. Caitlin B says:

    How bout this?

    Why can’t we buy out the rights to yu gi oh and make a new generation. U know how in the english version of yu gi oh gx was never made so we don’t know what happened to jaden and yubell and zane.

    And then we have yu gi oh 5ds which isn’t finished airing yet.

    Now here’s where they can all come together.

    My idea is a new series which revolves around a female main character (can b changed if u guys with 3 legs have too big of an ego) who is 18. She will bring all the series of yu gi oh together.

    Remeber how dueling originated in Egypt? Well no that detail comes into play through the process of reincarnation and the wieghing of the heart. Which egptions believed was your ticket into the afterlife.

    Zane (yu gi oh gx) is the one that has to w/carnation thing.
    And everyone else -from yugi to yusie- have to do with the afterlife part.

    They are all alive right now -forget the reincarnation thing for now-and look exactly the same, are the same age. From the moment we left them their world stopped. Now that is happening because they are constanly stealing -unknowingly- someone’s body. Now If they stole a body from a duelist their soul would go through the egypttion death and afterlife. The first step was mumification which they can’t do because their body is currently being used so that’s conflict one. Conflict 2 is that in order to enter the afterlife you had to go through a process known to us as the weighing of the heart which they also don’t have. So now thse angered souls are after those guys.

    Now go back to zane. His heart stopped right. So now hed got a whole new life. He was put back on Earth through the process of reincarnation. But as he realizes his past life, his new healthy life is slowly slipping away. Now this is where our new main character,Delilah, comes in. She is an intrn at Domino City hospital -one that hopes to specialize in cardio- and zane learning she is a duelist comes to her. He tell her about everything including one very shocking confession:
    THERE WAS A TIME WHERE HE LOVED ALEXIS *gasp* She wanting to help decide to track down the rest of the guys -all the people from every series- which is easy because they’ve already contacted her. In fact they were meeting tonight. She tells him to come back, but his heart stops again. She brings him to the hospital and gets herself assigned to his case.

    Let your imagination take it from there.

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