REPOST: The Speakeasy One Piece Podcast

A special repost for the Manga Moveable Feast on One Piece. Finally, it is getting the love it deserves!

Drink #003: Coconut Monkey, Can you feel the One Piece love?

I will mercifully refrain from singing modified lyrics to one of Elton John’s contributions to the Lion King soundtrack and merely ask in written form why is there not as much love for One Piece in the U.S. (and most of the English-speaking fandom) as there is in Japan. How does the number one shonen franchise in Japan become a third tier property here? We will be looking at One Piece’s popularity in Japan, why it is so good, and what we think is holding it back. Let go on a voyage to find the answers to . . . One Piece!

(Listen) (Show Notes)

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