Holiday Giveaway!!

It’s that time of year again, the season of giving! We want to add to the holiday spirit with a great, big prize pack. And remember if you get any items that aren’t to your taste, spread some holiday cheer and pass the goodies along to your friends. All you need to do is leave us a comment telling us what anime or manga license you are hoping to see in 2011!

Entries are due by Saturday, December 25th. The winner will be notified by Friday, December 31st.

*U.S. residents only please. Sorry our abroad buddies we just can’t afford it.

This contest is over.


26 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaway!!

  1. G says:

    Souten Kouro. I’ve been hoping undead ADV would take a shot at it ever since they announced Golgo 13. The show is too good not to get a DVD here.

  2. Yaly says:

    I want to see Kaguya Hime licensed. I think it would become popular because it is a complete series with a good length and a powerful and imaginative story.

  3. badzphoto says:

    Manga I’d like to see licensed in 2011: My Girl – (マイガール (佐原 ミズ)) by SAHARA Mizu or Sailor Fuku ni Onegai! (セーラー服にお願い!) by Takana Meca licensed, as for anime: second season of Saiunkoku Monogatari.

  4. Corti says:

    I definitely want Bakemonogatari brought over here. Then if it does well, we might even get the light novels! I think it’d be pretty fun to watch Time of Eve on the big screen too.

  5. Konman says:

    Star driver, I want to see those explosions, mechs, and the alternate space reality zone in high definition. It would be wonderfully, yet terrifyingly, fabulous.

  6. kadian1364 says:

    My standing list of anime that needs licensing (pipe dreams, I know):
    Dennou Coil
    Mind Game
    Detroit Metal City (manga is licensed, c’mon)

    I’d like to see Cross Game licensed, but apparently sports anime doesn’t do well in the U.S. :/

  7. Billy says:

    I would like to see the anime Reborn! Heard great things about it. Also i would love to see the Tegami Bachi anime. Love the books released thus far.

  8. AngelSora says:

    The series I would love to be licensed would be Star Driver because I loved watching Utena, and the art, music, and stylization is amazing.

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