A Disney podcast that only scratches the surface of Narutaki’s love.

A Twitter conversation recently sparked the desire in me to discuss Disney animation. Luckily for me Patz of Insert Disc was also eager to host such a thing. Add in Mike from Anime Dream plus a whole lot of Disney love and you come out with a podcast that is really long. And it easily could have gone on longer. Seriously, I could have done a 10-hour podcast. We start off talking about the upcoming Oscar animated feature nomination race for a mere 3 slots this year and then jump into all kinds of Disney related topics including but not limited to the revival in the late 80’s/early-90’s, the different designs of their animation over the years, Walt’s waning interest in animation leading to Disney’s “dark period,” and our personal favorite films. There may or may not be random tangents about Pixar, Dreamworks, and us forgetting to talk about the Lion King.

Podlabor Episode 4 – Disney, Disney, and More Disney


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