The Speakeasy: A Reverse Thieves Podcast – Drink #012

Anime 3000 presents The Speakeasy Podcast:
Drink #012: New Year Holiday Punch, The Final Fight

Every December Hisui and Narutaki gather round the fireplace in the stately Tohno Mansion and open a bottle of L’Esprit de Courvoisier and a box of Montecristo Robustos Millenium after indulging in a 12-course banquet to offer some relief from the cold weather outside. During this time the two luminaries discuss events of the past and plans for the year ahead. This is a recording of their fireside chat in which they discuss the events that have shaped the anime and manga fandom over the course of 2010 including changes in the industry and fandom. They also muse about the future, and mourn the loss of those artists who changed the medium forever. Let us all toast the passing of 2010 and usher in a better 2011.

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And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drink:

New Year Holiday Punch


4 cups diet ginger ale, or equivalent product
4 cups grapefruit-mango juice
2 2/3 tablespoons frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
4 ounces rum, preferably white, 80 proof
1 lime, sliced
1 lime, juice of
1 small grapefruits, red, sliced
1 oranges, sliced


Combine ginger ale, juice, concentrate, rum and lime juice. Slice remaining lime. Garnish punch with sliced lime, grapefruit and orange.


3 thoughts on “The Speakeasy: A Reverse Thieves Podcast – Drink #012

  1. Shadowblade Edge says:

    Word on the street is that the dice rolling part in the Kuragehime OP is from God of Gamblers, and it’s a Hong Kong movie. In case anyone was wondering.

    Not to speak too strongly in Yosuga’s defense, but it’s only 1/3-1/4, depends on how you look at it, of the the show is for reals incestuous. I’m just saying it’s not the WHOLE show.

    Well with that I guess I say see you next year Speakeasy Podcast.

    • reversethieves says:

      I had suggested it was from God of Gamblers but Narutaki was sure it had be be something that was western because it would be so odd for them to then only throw in one and only one Hong Kong film. Has anyone seen God of Gamblers to confirm or deny?

      But they sort of play the incest card really strongly as the main attraction and the rest of the girls seem there mostly for variety. You get the sense that the real show is Sora Kasugano and the rest of the girls are the side shows. It is not the whole show but it is what they pimp.

      We are thinking or starting a mail bag for questions and feedback so this response in a bit more detail might work its way onto the next podcast.

      – Hisui

      • Shadowblade Edge says:

        I can dig seeing it that way. However the way I see it is as an extremely literal adaptation of this type of visual novel. As such to me seems like all three girls get the same cut in time and attention in an attempt to pander to as many people as possible. Though I won’t deny the fact that there is a slight undercurrent of incest throughout the entire show, but I just see that as a necessary set-up for the real deal.

        If this does make it into your mailbag you might want to make mention of the fact that this is a TV anime with no messing around sex. Sure one instance of something isn’t a trend, this could be indicative of things to come, i.e. the start of late-night anime deservedly being on in the dead of night? Now I might not watch as many late-night anime as I think I do, so I could be totally off on this, but it was just something that occurred to me.

        Really though this is already more discussion than this show deserves, so it’s fine any which way.

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