Secret Santa 2010 Project Reveal

And now the part you have all been waiting for. The Secret Santas are revealed, the ancient conspiracy is foiled, and the destined couple finally consummate their relationship. This is the master list of all the participants, what they reviewed, and who gave them their recommendations. I know that several people are not going to finish on time because of various mishaps during the holiday season. So I will do my best to update this list at least once a day as reviews come in. Hopefully everyone watched something a bit unexpected and maybe learned something new about the range and scope of anime. Other than that Happy Holidays and I wish you and yours the best of luck in the upcoming year.


23 thoughts on “Secret Santa 2010 Project Reveal

  1. Shinmaru says:

    Had fun and very glad I participated, even if I didn’t totally dig the show I got. But hey, I don’t regret picking the show I chose, and I’ll definitely be back again next year!

  2. Shance says:

    It was a fun ride, RT! I got all the nice shows, the good reviews from other bloggers (especially the ones I already follow), and the lulz.

    I’ll be back next year, too!

  3. Otaku no Podcast says:

    Sorry folks, it has been a crazy end of the year, got hit with some unexpected legal battle in addition to a busier than usual holiday rush. My review is going to be a bit late. Working on it this weekend (just as soon as the family leaves, which hopefully will be within the hour), and am hoping to have it up tomorrow or Monday. I’ll post here again with a link once it goes live.

  4. Landon says:

    Gah. Name chance, please. hexxjo –> Landon. hexxjo being my ancient email handle that I haven’t changed in almost 15 years. And seeing peeps go for all three picks makes me feel like a lazy bum.

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