Otakus Help Japan

Unless you were isolated from all media this weekend you have seen the news that Japan was hit by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake and then buffeted by a subsequent series of tsunamis. The damage to the lives and property of the people of Japan is so immense that it cannot be calculated at this point; aftershocks and their subsequent effects may cause even further damage. As everyone who reads this blog has at least a passing interest in Japanese culture, we wanted to take some time out at let everyone one know how they could help if they were unsure of what to do.

As with so many devastating events, people have come out in droves to lend a helping hand. Everyone from popular manga-ka to musical celebrities have started efforts. And anime fans are doing their part, too.

The easiest way to help is donate via your Amazon account to the Red Cross. It is quick, simple, and most of us already have an account. There is also the Anime Fans Give Back To Japan fund-raising project via GlobalGiving started by the guys at the Unofficial One Piece podcast. A 24-hour long live podcast will be held this coming weekend starting at 6PM on March 19th in the hopes to donate even more. There will be a bunch of big names on the podcast and we are slated to appear sometime on Sunday, March 20th. You can follow OtakusHelpJapan on Twitter for updated info. If for any reason you just can’t part with money, then please donate some blood; it is vitally important and it only costs you some time. And finally, the NYT released a good list of other options for helping out.

This is the best time for fans of anime and manga to show Japan some appreciation for what they have given us over the years.

Quick note: Until further notice Tuesday’s Gosick posts will be on hold as episodes are on hiatus. Not unexpected but still worth mentioning.


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