Gosick #017: MythBusters

With Kazuya and Victorique finally reunited, stories are exchanged and snacks are eaten. While escaping the two jail breakers run into Simon Hunt, the clock maker who seems to be up to some clandestine activities at the monastery. To kill time before the departing train arrives, Victorique and Simon pick apart the magic acts in the Phantasmagoria revealing to Kazuya how they performed. But when Simon is called on stage and dismisses the performances he has just seen things quickly start to turn ugly and more than just the illusions on stage begin to fall away.

The Case

While we had one heck of a story on our hands, we hadn’t yet had the obligatory murder yet. But now we have. Still while it is gruesome, it is the least interesting piece of this puzzle what with so much history coming out. We see a bit more of the circus and This episode has a lot of quirks to it, like how easily Kazuya and Victorique wander freely, but by the end it seems like an elaborate test. A perfectly edge-of-your-seat desperate escape scene closes out the story, the best part by far. Even so we are left with more questions than answers.

If the last episode was generally calm despite the kidnapping than this episode made up for it. We get our first big murder of the arc with Simon being stabbed to death on stage while he is in the magic box. I assume the key to his murder is the key to how the trick on stages works. Victorique obviously knew something was up and how it would go down when she begs Kazuya to stop the show. I am fairly certain there was a third person in the cabinet that normally performs the trick and was able to kill Simon. That is if Simon was actually killed and the whole affair was not just another illusion. It was made quite clear that the whole purpose of the event was to have everything go wrong to trick people into spreading the urban legend of a tragic event where real magic was performed. So either Simon was either killed as a bonus or he was shill and they faked his death as part of the plan. Therefore the most important question is not how he was killed but why he was killed. As Willard H. Wright in Umineko said the most important part of any mystery is the heart and the heart of a mystery is the motive.

Final Thoughts

The ending is intense and amazing, but it has a weird quality to it because you feel like it is the finale for the mystery yet the murder isn’t solved! This just goes to show what a character story we are starting see rather than a weekly mystery series. On that note, we get a lot of sweet moments between Kazuya and Victorique. I think we are seeing a wee-bit of maturation there, but maybe I just want to see that! If you ask me, our handsome magician Brian Roscoe is not long for this world but then again I can’t really see what kind of ending is in store.

But all in all the murder was merely a piece of the larger chaos that was unleashed in this episode. We have hallucinogenic gas being unleashed on the audience, opened flood gates, missing hidden treasures, Brian Roscoe scheming in the background, and surprising speeches from some unexpected players.  I was certainly surprised by the appearance of Albert de Blois in a most unusual manner although he is mostly there to be menacing and cryptically sinister things. I thought they were going to save him stepping into the forefront for the next arc. We also get the first solid meeting between Cordelia and Kazuya. She gives Kazuya and Victorique each a touching message and a ring that is the key to the most important puzzle. I am curious to see how much of what when on in this episode is explained in the next. That one girl the camera focused on from the audience is also on the train that Kazuya and Victorique escaped on so I assume she will play a part of whatever goes on during this train ride. The story is getting pretty exciting rather quickly so I am looking forward to what comes next. If nothing else we finally get the train mystery that Narutaki has been asking for.

One thought on “Gosick #017: MythBusters

  1. Hoshiko says:

    The fact that Albert de Blois made an appearance in this arc seems to be suggesting that he’ll be playing a huge role. I wonder if he’s on the train with Victorique as well. As for Simon’s death, I’m going to take a wild guess and say the granny that was with Simon killed him.

    I also think that the girl with black hair will play a part in whatever that is coming next.

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