Gosick #024: From Here to Eternity (finale)

The wind that will separate Victorique and Kazuya is a fierce gust that howls for blood. Albert de Blois‘ fiery death has only thrown Sauville deeper into chaos as the beast that is the Ministry of the Occult still tries to catch Victorique in its death throes. While Victorique is fleeing, Kazuya is trying to survive as a front line solider in the middle of hell. Both of them are together in their hearts but will either of them survive long enough to reunite?

The Case

So much death but also much rebuilding occurs at the end of Gosick. I’m a bit surprised to say that everyone who was dead at the end of episode 23 was really dead, no fake outs or anything! I thought for sure Victorique’s father would have one last hurrah. It was tragic and beautiful to see Brian find Cordelia to lay down and die with her. As for other Brian (really they both have the same name?) we learn the last bit of their story from him and he doesn’t seem as bad as he did at the end of the last episode. The war comes to a close, but I seriously have no idea where Kujo was. We know he was in the military but as for where he was fighting, I am still unsure. The war itself is rather short-lived, I don’t feel we really know what happens in it.

This episode was basically here to tie up all the loose ends. This last chance to explain any loose threads like the back story of Brian Squared and well as see the ramifications of the Monstre Charmant movement even after the death of the  mastermind. I really expected someone to survive the Monstre Charmant massacre but everyone killed on-screen in the last episode stayed dead. That made 23 the true climax of the series. Grevil and the other Brian get a chance to redeem themselves after their actions in the last episode. Grevil gets off a bit lighter but he also did not try to murder the heroine. Victorique’s journey is mostly one piece of heartbreak after another. Not that Kazuya is sipping tropical drinks on the beach at this time. According to the Gosick Wiki Kazuya was shipped off to Northern Japan but that is never made even remotely clear. I thought they shipped him off to Germany until I read the wiki. It is also very unclear where exactly he was fighting. I do wonder if that was any clearer in the books. Maybe they cut those details to avoid bringing up controversial pieces of history in a TV show.

Final Thoughts

After his dream sequence I thought Kujo wouldn’t come back to Victorique a whole man, but that proved untrue happily. It was lovely to see her waiting for him in Japan. Perhaps transforming into wedding dress mode was a little much, but I didn’t care. I found this to be a satisfying and definitive ending.

As I mentioned before the climax was in episode 23. This gives them lots of time for a strong falling action in this episode. We get to see what happen to most of the important cast after the chaos dies down. We get confirmation that people like Avril, Cecile, and Luigi are no longer with the main characters but they are safe and have began to move on. We also see the fall out in the government of Sauville and the fate of Jupiter Roget. I was glad to see what happened to Ambrose. I kept expecting him to pop up again. As a Gray Wolf I assumed he would have been more important. But in the end the most important piece of resolution is what happened to Victorique and Kazuya. They throw you a few harrowing curve balls but in the end they reunite a little older and distinctly worn but still intact. Victorique had silver hair and Kazuya has battle scars but both were  sustained by their bond. I want to believe they continue to solve mysteries and help people after the reunite but this was the perfect place to end what we see of their story.  We have one final Gosick post coming up to sum up our feelings on the show and our feelings on this foray into episode blogging.


2 thoughts on “Gosick #024: From Here to Eternity (finale)

  1. hoshiko says:

    The end.

    Oh well, it was fun throughout the 24 episodes. The last episode was sad although I’m happy to see Victorique and Kujo together finally despite being predicted otherwise. It’s good to see Grevil let Victorique go too, as I expected he would. He’s a sweet guy till the end.

    Do you know how or why Victorique has silver hair? Too stressed? She colored her hair? A bit confused there.

    • reversethieves says:

      I assume it was the shock and stress of all the people who died around her and while simultaneously wondering if she will ever see Kujo again that turned her hair silver.

      I think Narutaki was most happy that Grevil got his sexy hair style back in the end. ;)

      – Hisui

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