Otaku NYC: Donburiya

Luckily living in New York City gives you tons of opportunities to try all kinds of cuisine, including a myriad of Japanese restaurants throughout the city. But that also means for visitors sometimes there are just too many choices. This time around I’m talking about a reasonably priced place in midtown called Donburiya.

They serve a variety of food from riceballs to udon to curry (all of which I have on good authority are delicious), but as the name implies they specialize in donburi (rice bowl dish). There’s is a fairly basic dish consisting of rice on the bottom with vegetables and/or meat/fish (and sometimes egg) which was simmered in a light, semi-sweet broth. There are many different kinds you can get from the classic katsu-don (breaded deep-fried pork cutlet) to the more adventurous una-don (eel). The donburi have a homey feel and a subtle richness that sticks with you. Donbuyriya’s is a little sweet and almost buttery with a lot savory overtones.

The space itself is large but not huge, though they do take reservations. And it can become noisy later in the evening. But the portions are generous and the prices sane so it is well worth the trip.

If you want your first, or hundred and first, taste of katsu-don (or any other donburi, I’m totally bias) to be amazing then stop by Donburiya on 47th street between Lexington and 3rd Ave.!


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