Carnival of the Moon

Foolish people might not realize that I sometimes follow through with the threats I make on Twitter. So I when start asking how horrifically self-indulgent a post that is a frame by frame analysis of the little things in the Carnival Phantasm it is actually a threat. Due to the foolish encouragement of people online you all get an in-depth lesson on the hidden secrets of the Nasuverse. If nothing else it is insight to the things I think while watching an opening.

We start by celebrating 10 years of Type-Moon goodness. I so want Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi as American con guests for the 10th anniversary. Maybe someone will license Fate/Zero and we can get them as guests next year. Someone should make this happen.

No real hidden secret here. I just think Saber doing the little finger wag is uber cute. Plus the more Saber pictures the better.

A whole slew of previously unseen Neco-Arcs. Which also must mean new Neco-Arc toys. I am sure Dave Cabrera of Astro Toy is thrilled.

A delightful picture that sums up the main heroines of the two main games (who are not maids.)

We get to the big dance number. There is always someone who is out of step in each of the three Conga lines. If you look closely all the way in the back of the first line you will see Fujimura Taiga is swinging around her shinai.

In the second line right up front you will notice that Hisui is doing her infamous Brainwasher Detective hypnotism. It turns out YOU are the criminal.

Hey Assassin. Are you just too cool for school to participate? Even stuck up Akiha is doing her part. For shame. For shame.

It is the rumored forbidden video game system of the Tohno Mansion. Also Kohaku in the Mr. Chin outfit.

Because everyone likes to see Shinji get his just deserts and everyone loves the Gate of Babylon almost as much. I will note they love to give Rider subtle little smiles.

Am I the only one incredibly tuned on by sexy teacher Taiga?

This is just incredibly precious. It just might be my love of schadenfreude. A Certain Magical Illyasviel.

Worth mentioning that we see the full 3 member Back Alley Alliance. The thing is that Riesbyfe Stridberg never appeared in the original manga as she was only seriously introduced in Melty Blood: Actress Again four years after Take-Moon finished. This is the clearest sign there is going to be new material for the OVA.

Apparently what we never knew that the evil crimelord Akiha the Crimson-Locked has massive mammaries. I guess Akiha got to write-up her own character design.

When you get right down to it Hisui is involved in some of the strangest references in the whole franchise. Just so you know Hisui’s strange volleyball defense from the Imogirisou story in Kagetsu Tohya. Sufficed to say it is a less than … canonical ability. I do wonder if someone in Otogirisou had such a technique. Also in the original manga it is Akiha who goes up against Hisui’s unusual block. I wonder if they changed up the teams in the OVA.

Japan sure loves its Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu. Possibly also just an excuse for more Saber.

Besides Kaleido Ruby (The magical girl version of Rin) and Magical Amber (The magical girl version of Kohaku) we see Sister Priestess (The magical girl version of Caren Ortensia). Since Sister Priestess was introduced in 2008’s Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper she is also 4 years younger than the original manga.

More Tiger Dojo is always a good thing.

I am pleased they are using the original Take-Moon manga as a template but adding new material to give us a fresh experience. I am of the mind that it can lead to some of the best adaptations that way. I will be disappointed if there is no Bazett Fraga McRemitz up in this joint. But I don’t see her anywhere in the opening so I don’t have much hope. Well I don’t want to say everything here. I have to save some insights for Carnival Phantasm when the first episode comes out next month.

4 thoughts on “Carnival of the Moon

  1. Aorii says:

    Wow, I think I just learned some things about the type-moon fandom that I didn’t even know existed before XD
    but nah, not indulgent enough, try harder XPPP There’s 5page-chain 2k word posts out there on personal indulgences so this is— very normal =P

    • reversethieves says:

      Well I talk enough about Type-Moon that I should know one or two more obscure facts. Otherwise what I’m I doing with my time.

      I think Narutaki murders me and makes this a solo blog if I do a 5page-chain 2k word posts on Type-Moon.

      – Hisui

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