Hisui Dream Diary #1

I don’t regularly remember my dreams or keep any sort of dream journal but I have learned the trick to remembering your dreams is  to repeat what happens in the dream to yourself out loud as soon as you wake up. It commits the dream to a longer term part of memory. And so I do not know how often I will be able to write posts like this but I consider this part one of an irregularly updated ongoing series. It is all dependent on when I remember dreams that are worth talking about on the blog.

I had a dream where I was playing an RPG made up of anime and manga bloggers. I was the person playing the game on an unspecified game console alone in my apartment. I loaded up my game and all my party members were various podcasters. My current team was Basil from the OSMcast and Erin and Noah from the Ninja Consultants. Basil was a wizard who was wearing a really stereotypical and cheesy wizard’s robe with stars and moons. He had various elemental attacks like fire and lightning and could summon fried wontons as familiars. Erin and Noah were sky pirates and Erin fought with a chainsaw sword and Noah used knives.

Narutaki was the main villain of the game and she was dressed like Lina Inverse (who I think I generally associate with women named Kate in my life). After grinding through the random encounters I get the party to the top of this tower to confront Narutaki and stop her evil plans. Then there is a cinematic cut scene before the boss battle. It turns out that Narutaki is just a projection to lure the party to the tower to unlock what she needed. She then makes a speech and sends Maou from the Hayate The Combat Butler anime to kill the party not that they are no longer useful.

Maou can summon little bats and is fighting while flying on a giant bat. She also has some robots and evil baby Totoros to back her up. Basil sends his wonton familiars after the bats as he tries to blast Tima with his magic. Noah fights the robots and is very effective. Erin is really good as a fighter but she can’t bring herself to kill baby Totoros. And that is sadly where the dream ends.

I know I had to swap out Erin and Noah with someone ruthless enough to kill baby Totoros without hesitation but I never got to see who that was. I ask you the reader, if you were me who would you have swapped in the from anime and manga community to murder baby Totoros without remorse?


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